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“Today, a genre of spiritual writing we might call musings on the everyday is all the rage. Memoirists from Maya Angelou to Kathleen Norris have come to understand their everyday experiences as the landscape on which the spiritual life unfolds, and the title of one of Norris’s makes this point nicely: The Quotidian Mysteries: Liturgy, Laundry, and Women’s Work. Not only memoirists, but many, many others increasingly attend not only to the Christian life that takes place in church, or when we go on a spiritual retreat, or when we carve thirty precious minutes from our day to pray. We are beginning to rediscover that the Christian life also unfolds in ordinary time: when we do the dishes, when we garden, when we tuck our children into bed, even when we argue with our spouses. Fae Malania recognized this truth half a century ago. In these pages, you’ll read about her kitchen epiphanies, and the spiritual insights that come to her while readiing the newspaper.”

from the Foreword by Lauren F. Winner

Fae Malania lives in Cooperstown, New York. Born in 1919, she is a graduate of Swarthmore College, a former staff member at Mademoiselle, and a writer. She is the widow of Leo Malania, an Episcopal priest and one of the architects of The Book of Common Prayer. 

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