Online Retreats

The Benedictine Nuns of Jamberoo

are now offering online retreats.


If you are unable to join in for these retreats on the start date, you can register on a later date. These dates are the dates when the material is made available. You can do the retreat at your own pace. It doesn’t have to be completed within the specified dates.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and wanting to register, please contact us at


Upcoming Retreat

Borrowing Tomorrow

A six-week online retreat using the teachings of Laudato Si,’ we will be examining our lives and asking hard questions of ourselves in relation to how we care for our own heart first which is reflected in how we care for our earth.

18 February – 24 March 2024

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Other Retreats


Sacred Connections

Join Theresa Ardler and Sr Antonia Curtis in this unique retreat where we will be pondering the values of Silence & Listening, Reverence and Community, all of which are integral to both Aboriginal Spirituality and the Rule of St Benedict. These two spiritualities embody an extremely ancient wisdom, Aboriginal spirituality developing over thousands and thousands of years and the Benedictine tradition from the 5th century and the earlier traditions of the desert mothers and fathers.

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Christ and Crisis

The world as a whole and millions of individuals are in crisis. Perhaps you, too, are in crisis? The crisis of crisis is that we do not understand crisis. We do not understand it as something on the brink of giving birth. Is there a meaning to be found in crisis? Let’s find out.

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The Prodigal Mother and Daughter: Mary and Eve

The word “prodigal” can mean extravagant and lavish and it can also mean undisciplined and wasteful. This retreat will open up for us a way to learn more about our own conflicting prodigal tendencies. Maybe there is a Mary and an Eve within ourselves. What might that mean for our spiritual lives?

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High Horses, Scapegoats and Donkeys:
A Lenten Odyssey

This retreat takes us into the realm of tears, the tears of compunction that St Benedict talks about in his chapter on Reverence in Prayer (RB 20). It is a calling forth of ourselves to a new and more authentic living;

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Meet Me In The Middle:
The Little Girl Hope

This retreat is based on Charles Peguy’s Little Girl Hope from the book: “The Portal of the Mystery of Hope.”

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Desert Wisdom for Daily Living

Explore and pray within the perennial wisdom tradition, through the lens of the wisdom teachings of Jesus and the wisdom he embodied, the teachings of the desert mothers and father and other early and late wisdom teachers.

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Remembering Holy Saturday

Explore the mystery of Holy Saturday. What it means to live in “in-between” times, liminal times. Give ourselves to the transformative work of the tomb and the possibilities of new life born out of a dying.

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Into A Strange Land

In this 5 weeks retreat we will be walking the arduous and sometimes lonely journey from unforgiveness to forgiveness: the journey that has the possibility of leading to joy and peace of soul that remains elusive, until we are able to let go and forgive.

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Hospitality: A Versatile Charism

Welcome in this new year exploring, deepening and praying with the Benedictine charism of hospitality

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Leading Strings of Love

Register for this retreat if you would like to know more about living the Benedictine Promises in the world today. These will be your leading strings of love during the retreat.

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