Prayer Requests

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Julianh Fernandes Please pray an intercede For Conversion of stubborn eldest sister Josephine inoperative since five decades age 76 and being mother of Linus jobless for long time and her brother Peter all lazy, lethargic, rebellious and irresponsible, take initiative and willingly participate and recite family rosary, attend daily holy mass, be active and responsible especially elusive Peter and Linus partake in household responsibilities support to Lourdes age 40 years unmarried because of helpless negative stagnant attitude of all three least concerned about Lourdes making her attend single handedly all household work and putting obstructions in getting her married are blessed with positive attitude secure good jobs and marriage life partner and are filled with love of Jesus and the holy Spirit. Josephine’s sister-in-law Jane a widow undergoing depression for long time since demise of her husband Anthony in family problems and unwilling to see anyone is healed with peace, love, joy, responsible and filled with the holy spirit.. That her son Bosco is blessed with a secured job and another son Keith full time taking care of the mother obtains job all depressed are filled with the love of Jesus and the holy Spirit and joy, recite family rosary daily and attend holy mass daily. Thank you In Jesus name i pray 21 September 2019  
Amanda Please help me pray for my exboyfriendwhen we were dating he rarely went to mass(we dated for six years and I can count the number of times he joined me at mass on one hand) I still love him very much and while I would love nothing more than a second chance together one that is guided by faith and centered in Christ unfortunately he is seeing someone right now, I wish him happiness in his current relationship and ask the Holy Spirit to guide them to resist temptation and send people in their lives who will help them follow Gods word and remove the bad influences from his their lives, Especially the temptation that comes with new relationships 20 September 2019  
Marlen I have strong economic problems and I have many satanic enemies. I want to move and be away from them but I feel trapped, weak, confused. I think my thoughts are not correct. I want to offer this suffering for souls in purgatory and wandering souls. Thank you Jesus! Thank you brothers and sisters! Blessings! 19 September 2019  
Alicia Please pray for us our marriage and Family with five little ones and are struggling financially.thankyiu for your prayers 18 September 2019  
Amanda please pray for my ex boyfriend M and his girlfriend J he has always expressed a desire to know the lord and his love but whenever it comes down to going to Mass he always has some excuse. (He’s only gone with me twice during our entire six year relationship) He is in a new relationship now ,while I still love him and would love nothing more than to get back together I pray that their relationship is centered on Christ and they worship together,pray together,and celebrate the Eucharist together,and all the things we should have done as couple who was talking about marriage should but never did. Please keep him and all others who are “too busy” for Christ in your prayers 17 September 2019  
Edward Sianski Dear Sisters, A very happy St Hildegard Day to all. Please continue to pray for my grandson, Kayden, and for all members of my family. Regards, Ed 17 September 2019  
Obumneme Nzekwe For the approval of my wife's German Reunion Visa and healing for my mum from arthritis and visual impairment. 17 September 2019  
Grazyna Five months ago my mother Jane died . I broke my right foot , now l started to go to work. The leg still hurts and is a little swollen . A doctor has detected a change in my breast... My father John widower sitting alone on the plot . From a sore heart please pray for our intentions : health, family and God's blessing . Thanks 15 September 2019  
Rob Please praying for the release and healing of Michele Rios & Maria de Nazare, that all they actions may become in God's Grace, that the Holy Spirit may touch they lives and hearts. Blessed be Fathers Richard & Mark, and my Mother, and the St. Jude church prayer group, Our Lady Pray for Us, Amen. 13 September 2019  
Andrew tomanelli Hello My name is andrew and I ask you kindly to please pray for my wife carmela marziliano tomanelli and I in the hope that we are worthy of Jesus mercy to obtain for us the grace from the Heavenly Father to free us from the many mediums psychics who who just won't stop invoking the evil eye evil forces darkness evil entity in and between our eyebrows and center of our foreheads evil forces on our temples top of our heads foreheads right and left sides of our heads back of our heads brain neck our hearts and all there evil intentional invocations in our minds conscious and unconscious mind and make us live with anger rage agitation nervousness Evil thoughts negative thinking confusion deception negative emotions and sin judge for there sake and all that they weaken torment persecute our hearts minds everyday and night even while we sleep with there black magic voodoo curses and spells spiritual and psychic attacks we forgive and forgave them all and hope that the good lord liberates our minds hearts from them all and all there evil works that they have our hearts minds attached to for so many years and who do not cease to seek the ruin destruction of our lives health well being sanity peace love freedom and matrimony I ask to please keep my prayer confidential thank you God bless you all 11 September 2019  
tony please pray for my mother Caterina who passed away 28 August 2019 aged 94 8 September 2019  
Melody Clark I am the foster parent of a precious 22 month old baby girl. In the year she's been in my home, I have fallen head over heels in love with her. Unfortunately, CPS will be terminating her mother's parental rights due to an ongoing battle with drug addiction. Her biological mother and I have grave concerns about the family member CPS has chosen to place the baby with. Both mom and I want her to remain in my home where she is safe, loved, thriving, and learning about God. Please pray for favor and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the judge, the attorneys, and CPS. Please also pray for the Lord to break the chains of addiction from the baby's mother and that she can somehow remain involved in the baby's life. We need a miracle! God bless and thank you! 30 August 2019  
rebecca please pray with me. Thankyou Lord that your kingdom of heaven has come. Christ consciousness has overcome our world now shifting all hearts and minds into heavenly consciousness now. All has become more wonderfully positive, more magnificently heavenly now than any person could possibly imagine. All is heavenly love, peace, joy, kindness, compassion, empathy for all life, heavenly beautiful, youthful, godly, heavenly synchronized, heavenly generosity and prosperity for all, heavenly liberation for all , heavenly miraculous, and supernatural, heavenly oneness with you Lord. Your overwhelming heavenly love frequency has overcome our world now permeating into all matter, all air waves, atoms, cells, molecules and sub atomic particles, eradicating all evil, anything demonic, ungodly, indecent, rude, stupid, or not pleasing to you Lord. All has been run in heavenly perfection now. All is heavenly generosity and prosperity for all. All people have become heavenly rich now. All hearts are now on fire for Jesus. Jesus has become the king and ruler of the world now. Jesus is omnipresent now around the world. Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name. Amen 29 August 2019  
Maria Llave Please pray I Maria Llave be cancer-free of everything forever,that I be completely gallblader disease&reflux-free,all diabetes-free,hemmorhoids-free,high blood pressure-free,all heart disease-free of everything,all heart blockages free,all gallbladder stones & kidney stones-free,allbodyfatsfree,eyespainfree,completely all itchy hives-free, all body inflammation-free,reflux disease-free,all pains&aches-free,constipation-free,cholesterol disease-free,polycystic kidneys&liver diseases-free,complete urinary infection–free, gallstones&allgrowths-free,anthritis-free, all diseases free, & my ancestors, parents, my brothers and sisters Boyet,Marifin, Fara, Fe, Stella & all their families too & also all our loved ones forever,etc…that all my medical tests,eye tests, blood tests, ultrasound results, ct scan results be always good & favourable forever, Steven & his family too & all cancer victims to be cured forever, all the sick peoples of the world also,that cure for all cancers, diabetes, alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cataracts, & all diseases will be successful worldwide. In Jesus’ Name. Amen Thank you. Intention: Maria Llave & Family & Others Future places in heaven of MariaL& familymembers, all loved ones, friends,neighbours, relatives,enemies,Tibs,Boyet&theirconversions,JohnMikosic’shealing&conversion,ML,Anna,CF,J&G,KS,MaryZ&F,Nahida,Nawal,Mercy,Maria,Aria,Cecile,David&theirfamilies intentions,&financial help for them, MariaC& family,Anna&Susanna’sconversions,MB,M,N,MP&family,CR,EI,PresD&T,PhilT&fam,refugees,displaced,poor,hungry,sick,homeless,needy,theabused,poorsoulsinpurgatory,worldpeace,good honest world leaders,conversion of sinners espSJR,DL,BL&protect us from all evils,our protection from all catastrophes &calamities earthquakes etc,terrorist-free world,Maria get all her pensions ASAP,those in needofprayers, allsafe&prosperousMD,C,allparishioners,FrCarl&people Ineedtoprayfor & all the people praying for us always. Intention: Fe Llave & Others Pls pray God Almighty gives Fe L a very good husband who will help her & family financially & spiritually ASAP forever,PJU,RND&others will successfully help Fe ASAP,she gets her pension soonest,she be accident-free,arthritis & all diseases-free,that Cainta house be saved & protected always from all rain & extreme weather,renovated at 3 stories with good/honest tradesmen at very low cost w/out complications successfully ASAP, all our neighbors,relatives,friends & enemies to be good & help us financially & spiritually forever ASAP,that she fixes successfully her&my SS pensions ASAP.In Jesus’ name.Amen Intention: Boyet Llave, Family & Others Pls pray Boyet L gives up all his addictions ASAP, his total Catholic conversion,complete a college degree, turnaround his life so he will be a very good example to his children & others ASAP,that he succeeds in all his endeavours ASAP, that he will have a wonderful lifeonearth&alwaysserveGodAlmightytruthfullyASAP,hiswifeTess,allhischildren,friends,relatives,neighbors,enemies to help him financially & spiritually ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Fara Vargas, Her Family & Others Pls pray God Almighty will give Fara V & her family a better,comfortable life, good food, clothes,a decent house and all their necessities daily ASAP, she gets all her pensions ASAP,enlighten her& family to have complete trust in God so she doesn’t have to worry anymore,that she & family gives alltheirsorrows,needs,problems,sicknesses,etc…to God Almighty ASAP forever,her children Jenny&Francis&grandchildren be good&help her in everything,our neighbors,relatives,friends,enemies to help us financially & spiritually ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Stella Edwards, Family & Others Pls pray Stella E goes back to the Catholic faith ASAP,be cured of all illnesses,she be enlightened to give God Almighty all her sicknesses,pain, etc,she be a wonderful wife &mother ASAP and share in all domestic responsibilities & everything,be a good sister to me,us, be a good living example to everyone ASAP,that she assists Fe financially & spiritually ASAP forever,our relatives,neighbors,friends,enemies to help us spiritually & financially ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Marifin Belisario, Family & Others Pls pray Marifin B,Leo,Patrick,Nelly & Tintin be enlightened to be good & share everything with us her remaining sisters& brother esp. Fe ASAP, she&Leo be cured of all theirailmentsASAP,belivingexampleofJesus’loveforusASAP,ourrelatives,friends,neighbors,enemies to help us all spiritually & financially ASAP forever.Maria’s mail thieves be punished&removedASAP. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Gabrielle Edwards & Others Pls pray Gabrielle E get 100% in all her,exams, she be a good daughter & niece,she be successful in all her endeavours,she be a very good Catholic &go to all Sunday masses & have a good paying job,God be no. 1 in her life & seek His help in everything ASAP forever,God to givefinancial assistance to Francis,Angelique,Gwendolyn,Joseph,all other nephews&nieces,our relatives,neighbours,friends,enemies& the peoples of the world to help us spiritually & financially ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Helen Relevo, Brenda P & children, Virgie & Butch Guinto & Families Pls pray Helen R,Brenda P & children,Virgie& Butch G & famiies be good to us forever & help us all financially& spiritually forever ASAP,let them give us all our correct entitlements due us honestly & truthfully ASAP,free them all from dementia & all diseases,Virgie&Butch to give us Helen’s share ASAP,Helen to give up all gambling forever & they all be close to God. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Boboy, Maridon & Others Pls pray for Boboy’s continuous good health,for E,Lilia,Menchie,Cherry,Dolly& all their families,pray for all our future places in heaven,pray for Maridon’s-backpain-free,whole bodiesinflammation-free,arteriesblockfree ASAP forever,for all our bodiesdiseases free forever,my successful apostolate for Jesus & Mother Mary,that Jesus dissolves/removes all my body fats for good healthASAPforever&cancer-free,my excellent blood & urine tests results always forever,my very good healthASAPforever,in Jesus’name.Amen Intention: Jeremy & Families Pls pray for Jeremy’s conversion, that he be good always & help Stella&all her unfortunate family members everywhere esp. Fe,Fara,Boyet,Maridon,he be given good health always,be successful in all his endeavours, he prospers & all his family members ineverything&share everything with us the Llave family always & forever, for Sheila &Peter,Melanie,Mark&families’conversions & intentions. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Donna & Others Pls pray FL, CM,RD,Premier/SS,Selim families, honest reliable & trustworthy always & not pocket our fees, dishonest IUM &EmilyC, KF be removed/punished & close bus.ASAP,removeDL,ASAP,myancestors,Ibesicknessesfree,diseasesfree,cancerfree,emotionalhurtsfree,-painsFREE,inflamationfree, blocked arteriesfree always ASAP,I win 1st prizelotto ASAP,punish all my mail stealers ASAP, al lpeoples be good to me my family & loved ones,help us financially,spiritually forever,that the Gold Fields & Sensis people who stole all my entitlements be enlightened & taught very good lessons in life, I & my family members be given all justice by God Almighty ASAP, that my Cainta house be totally renovated without complications with good, honest tradesmen successfully ASAP. In Jesus’ Name. Amen Intention: Steven John Ramsay, Maria & Others –Tibs & Puss Pls pray StevenR gives up all S ASAP forever,pay all his mortgages ASAP,Always be no.1 rep of AH & his future employers, ,his Catholic conversion ASAP, his good health always,he be good, kind, respectful, generous & patient w/me, love me unconditionally, be faithful always & take good care of me help me financially & spiritually ASAP forever,he sees clearly now ASAP, punish & remove P,R,RofB ASAP,his successful two cataract operations on his 2 eyes w/o complications,if he is meant for me God make this possible ASAP.that he be not interested in my money ever. In Jesus’Name.Amen. Intention: My Deceased Family Members & Others Plsprayfortheeternalreposeofallmydeceasedfamilymembers;Max,Naty,Bogart,Rino,Eddie,JohnJohn,Prima,allourrelatives,classmates,teachers,friends,neighbours,enemies,DraganC,SZ,YL,MR,HR,RC,GM,AP,OS&all deceased officemates,all the poor souls in Purgatory,may they all rest in peace,all priests & nuns I met & people who pray for me & my family.In Jesus’ Name.Amen Intention: All World Leaders, Pope Francis,All Nuns, Monks & Priests, & Others Pls pray for God-fearing World Leaders,honest &good for all world citizens,God punishes & removes all bad world leaders,terrorist-free world,world peace,conversion of all sinners,Pope Francis,all priests, monks & nuns world-wide,all peoples of the world to help us spiritually&financially dailyforever.our protection from all world catastrophies.all nuns, monks & priests praying for us, end to North Korea leader,Putin,Syrianleader&all bad leaders.In Jesus’ Name.Amen TA Intention: World Peace, etc… Please pray for World Peace, end to World corruption, protection of the peoples of the world from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, fires, floods, tornadoes, all calamities, catastrophes in this world. In Jesus’ Name. Amen Intentions: For my Mother & All Mothers Worldwide My beloved wonderful mother Naty,Marifin,Fara,Stella,Marie,Kathie,Lilian,Lilia,Menchie,Cherry,Maria,Cecile,Narida,Ivy,Jo-Ann,Shelley,Ann,Dal,Mary,Eva,Marissa,Juliet,Rosa,Annette,Edith,Chris,Lola Enchang,Sheila,Melanie,Prescy,Pat,Ditas,Lola Pastora,Lola During,Lolo Duray,Lola Caring, Lola Ange,Tita Brenda,Tita Nellie,Tita Belma,Tita Inday Mulong,Tita Inday Junior,Tita Virgie,Tita Alice,AnnetteU,Marie P,CharitoG,all the mothers,aunties,grandmothers,cousins,sisters of my neighbors,friends,relatives&enemies,all the mothers of the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Intentions: For my Father & all Fathers Worldwide My beloved wonderful father Max, Bogart, Rino, Eddie, John John, Lolo Isidro, Lolo Vicente, Lolo Enchong, Lolo Amor, Lolo Loy, Lolo Peping,Titos Mulong, Junior, Nonoy, Arturo, Ruben, all my uncles, nephews,cousins& all the fathers of the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Please pray for the following deceased. For all my deceased ancestors, family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, enemies and all the poor souls in purgatory. Maximo Llave, Natividad Llave, Maria Prima Angeles Llave, Jose Juan (Bogart) Llave Jose Severino Llave, Jose Aniceto Eduardo Llave, Jose Juan (John John) Llave, Henry&Joy Dann, May Edwards & husband, Keith Freer, Lorenzo Ona, Lorenza Cabrera, PastoraBala (Lola Aunty), Lola During, Lola Doray,Lola Caring, Lolo Isidro, Lola Choleng, Tita Lucy, Tita Ren, Lolo & Lola Relevo, Cornelia Dacanay, Malou Relevo,Victoria Aramil, James D Brett, Atty Carlos Bareng, Lolo Peping, Michael the son of Stella, Atty Ramon de Jesus & wife, OMr & Mr Hernandez, all the deceased CFM members, all the deceased FMM nuns,StMaryMacKillop nuns, Jun Angeles' mother, Lola Duray, Arturo Relevo, Lola Danding, Rod & allour neighbour in Cainta, Richard Abeya, Bryan Santos, Rob Hillerman,Don Eduardo Aboitiz, Romulo Llave Sr, Isidro Llave Jr, Nellie Arceo, Nonoy Arceo, Rino's son, Roy & Belma Ruiz, Sol Agupitan, Henry Agupitan's father, Lola Petra, Gen & Mrs Iglesias, Tito Eliseo, Muriel Freer & her husband, Keith Freer,Linda Edwards,Mr Torralba, Edwin Grima, father of Melanie Lazar, Dalisay the cousin of Naty, Joel Alfaro, father of Rey Montaos, Noblejas family members, Vibar family members, Liwanag family members, my teacher Miss Gavino, all Tibs’ dead family members,dead brother of Prescy H,Bernadette LS’s mother,MaryZ’s mother Stefania,our laundry women Mrs Baguyo,Aling Eding,Aling Adeling,Aling Florencia,all our maids,baby-sitters,Menchu & Hermenegildo Rebosura, Yolanda M Leon,Ruben Camero,Geri Comia,Alex Puzon,Angelica, Freddie Mercury, Joe Cocker,MrsStaAna,LeslieClarke,RayCampbell,VillaManansala,NenitaQuizon,HenryFares,Sami,May Edwards & husband,Sheila’s parents,Odie Santos,Priscila Liwanag, Nita, TitaRen, Charlie,Simeon Tilad Jr,LeticiaTorreverde,ClaritoEnriquez,Richard,all the people I’vemet who died,all dead staff & relatives of Gold Fields,Sensis Yellow Pages& all companies I worked for,all dead alumni of SMC,all the dead nuns of SMC,all the dead whose names I can't remember,and the dead people I need to pray for, all my friends’ deceased family members,the deceased people I’m unable to recall,all the peoples in this world who have died, and All the poor souls in Purgatory. May all their souls rest in peace. Amen.God bless you all.Thank you very much. Mother Mary made Tibs purchased her for 30 cents when he was 8 years old, pls pray God takes good care of him all his life. He needs God to take care of him always.Pls pray if he is meant for me God makes it possible. Pls pray that God enlightens him to be always good,kind,courteous,generous & patient with me, love me unconditionally,be faithful to me always & take good care of me,help me financially & spiritually ASAP,pray for Tibs total Catholic conversionASAP,his totalgiveupS forever,Tibseasyjob,fullpaytofmortgageASAP,Tibs&meto havepermanent,longlasting,goodpayingtenants&jobsforever,punish&removeR,P,RofB&allwomen&allmailthievesASAP,Tibstwocataractsoperationbesuccessfulwithoutcomplications&quickrecovery,makehimno.1SCatB,makehimpayallhismortgagesASAP,Punish&removeIUM&EmilyC,,KF,DL,ASAP,letcheap&reliablenewstrataASAP,prayforconversion&protectionofTibs&Boyetfromevilforever,prayBoyettofinishhiseducationwithHonoursASAP,CM,RD,SSbegood2me4everASAP,webewholebodypainfree,bloodleakfreeheart,kidneyproteinleakfree,depressionfree,neckpainfree,toesnervespainfree,chlolesterolfree,leukemiafree,bloodfreeurine,hippainfree,strokefree ASAP forever,I&Fe get easy,good paying jobs ASAP,prosperitysafetyofMD,NP,C,DaetCainta,Please pray I successfully unpack easilyeverything/all boxes etcASAP,that everything fit inside the MD unit,that bad removalist Jessica,RubenA2Abe punished ASAP,I successfully pay my Phil house&land tax,successfully get my SSSpension asap,that Gabrielle get 100%iinallexams,that ISM,MW,CP,JDof MSS&Cbe punished ASAP,BN be good,honest & resolve all my concerns with 12/11 NthP ASAP,that BN&all his E KDbe always good&help me financially&spiritually always&forever,will successfully rent out my NP unit at the highest rent ASAP forever w/the best good paying long lastingpermanent tenants ASAP always forever,that I win 1st prize lottery,ozlotto,powerball,anything whatever asap,that God will make me more beautiful & thin,healthy forever as a living radiant example of His love for us daily forever,that God will forever give me & my family&loved ones unlimited abundance daily forever,that God will supersize our dreams forever,that God protect and save me,my family & loved ones from all thewicked&evilpeoplesoftheworldforever,thatGodgivemethebestpropertiestogivemeincomenow&formysuccessfulretirementASAP,IbeenlightenedtocorrectlyeasilyunpackASAP&findallmissingitemsetcASAP,(AllatCW&Tibs,realestatepeopleBN&employeesBS,MW&,2stratamgtcoms&employeesothersalways,goodhonestcheaptradesmentorenovateCaintaMtD&NthPmtaunitsASAP,thatGodwillprovidemewithgoodhonestcheapcleaners,painters,plumbers,locksmiths,bathroomrenovators,carpetsupplier/installer,blindssupplier/installer,wardrobesupplier/installer,showerscreens/glasssupplier,installer&theirfamilies,namely;Basel,AlbertoG,Joe,Chris,Cameron,Richard,Paul,Angelo,Tony,Silvana,Marilyn,Anthony,Vin,Nelson,Bourhan to fix satellite cableASAP,all their employees,etc,that all renovations to NP&MD will be successful withoutcomplications/ problems with long warranties,renovations to Cainta house to be successful without problems/hassles ASAP forever,that God will provide me with the highest rent,best good paying tenants always,very good,helpful neighbours inC,CaintaDaet MTD&NthPmta always,the priest to successfully bless my future properties,good honest strata managersASAP always,that C,MtD&NthP&all my other properties be thievesfree forever,that God will enlighten me to go back to the workforce & stop me from being depressed & see people ASAP,that God will give me heaps of good paying modelling jobs ASAP,that God help me & my family & all our loved ones in everything daily forever,that God enlighten& teach the people who malign me very good lessons in life ASAP forever,that God will forever cure me & my family & all our loved ones,SJR&all the sick peoples of the world,ofallsicknesses,diseases,illnessesforever,beforevercuredofhighbloodpressure,polycystickidneys&liver,gallstones,kidneyproteinleakfree,bleedinghemorrhoidsfreeforever,heartdiseasefree,breast,knees,armpits,allourinternalorgans,havehealthybones&nervesallover,hiplowerbackpainsfree,strokefree,accidentfree,healthyknees,backachefree,shoulderachefree,wholebodypainfree,pancreas,coughs,colds,sugar,eyes,throat,tongue,I be diabetes-free,head,our whole body healing from head to toe forever,be,pain-free of everything forever,bebodyfatfreeASAPforeverbe inflammation-freeofeverythingASAP forever,be sickness,illness,disease-free of everything,be cancer-free of everything forever,depression-free,uric acid-free,arteriesblockfree,,cararacts-free,diabetesfree,wholebodiesinflammationfreeASAPforever,cirrhosisfree,parkinsonfree,dementiafree,alzheimersfree,bowelcancerfree,maculardegenerationfree,gout/anthritis/constipation,kidneyproteinleakfree,heartdiseasefree etc.forever,that my colonoscopy/haemorrhoid will becomplicationfree&cancerfreeforever,myappetitebesuppressedforgoodhealthforever,thatGodwillmakeme&Feveryinspired,strong,focused,enduring in applying for very easy,good paying lawful,permanent jobs daily forever& be very successful,in getting very easy,good paying permanent job ASAP,with extensive networking connections asap forever,depression-free daily forever,that all world leaders humble themselves & seek God ASAP,that God will give us World Peace,that God give us terrorists free world ASAP forever,that God will remove all the bad/wicked people from Tibs ,me & our loved ones,ASAP,that God will give Fe & me very easy, good paying,permanent jobs asap,that God will give Fe & me very good husbands ASAP who will love us forever, take good care of us forever & help us & all our families financially & spiritually asap forever,that God will forever make me,my,family&loved ones debt-free forever,that God will make me,FeStellaovercomealllaziness,inactivity,keeping from the outside world daily forever,that God will assist all the sick,poor,hungry,all the needy,homeless always forever,that God will give me the clearest face,finest facial pores ASAPforever,that God give me the fastest metabolism for good healthASAPforever,that God will increase & increase my savings always forever,,that God will give me numerous modelling assignments againASAP,that God will give me a successful & abundant retirement ASAP forever,that any move will be successful without complications ASAP,that God will give us our inheritances,SSS claims asap,that God will enlighten all our neighbours,friends,relatives,enemies,all the people we meet daily,all the peoples of the world especially all the employees of B,PH,MG(to give me the lawful pay ASAP&all employees of B,E,LD,Steve,NM,RSofE,Ddirectors,SelimD&Fam& all their staff,all my future employers & all their staff to be good to me,my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones forever & help us all financially & spiritually daily forever& give us very easy,good paying,lawful,permanent jobs ASAP,that God will forever save & protect me,all my brothers & sisters,GE & all our loved ones from all the evil& wicked peoples of the world especially MD,NP,C,C,DCN,Antipolo,everywhereinthisworld,J,RofA2AR,TPG&employees,BN&employees,BS,MK,Joe,Bourhan,Pig&son,punishIUM,FT,MW,CR,GB,CP,CR,GB,Ric&RebeccaofB,RL,SM,JC,MS,T,RA,BM,SM,HG,BS,MarilouB,SuzetteF,RND,BettyD,JPM,MCB,SF,PO,RS,MP,RDJ,TT,JA,SS,LD,NofE,B,PH,K,L,A,allthewicked&evilemployeesofB,E,D,PE,T,S,OEMD,B,AMW,KF,UU,M,T,S,C,G,Y,TPG,Bzl,Blessie,BM,Tess,RGL,all the wicked & evil past,present & future employers worldwide daily forever,that God removes RfromB ASAP,that God removes all the wicked & evil peoples from my life,SJR’s life & the lives of my family,all our loved ones ASAP forever,that God will give me new properties without moulds asap,please pray for the specialintentionsofmyself&allmembersofmyfamily&allourlovedonesJ,RL,LofMms,KS,N,M,B&S,ME,MZ,N,M,FrsC,A,S,B,G&par,allEdwfamily,CR,Edm,BN,V,M,FrCA,SG,PC,SE,ME,JE,SE,GE,FR,LV,ME,SJR,HOR,DBL,MQP,SE,AI,AK,DrFC,DrDM,JJE,ML,ML,KL,SM,KG,S,DL,MT,BM&PC,SE,JE,SE,SG,PC,KG,MG,PJU,PH,SH,MPE,QG,FQ,DQ,LS,JD,RoE,LM,Y,AL,CM,G, KT,MT,NB,A&membersoftheirfamilies,plsprayfortheconversionofsinners,allourneighbours,friends,relatives&enemieswhohavediedespeciallyallLlavefamilymembers,Max,Naty,Bogart,Rino,Eddie,John John,Prima,H&JD,all our deceased friends,relatives&enemies,MR,Dragan,FR,all the poor souls in purgatory,that God will make me & all my brothers&sisters & all our loved ones to be good forever,use all our talents dailyforever,give us easy,good paying,permanent jobs forever,give us success forever,pls pray for the forgiveness of my sins,the sins of my mom,dad,brothers& sisters & all our loved ones,all sins of the peoples of the world forever,that God will replace my missing $500 work voucher asap & teach very good lessons tothepersonswhostoleitASAP,thatGodwillenlighten&teachallourneighboursD,friends,relatives,enemies to be good to me,my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones daily forever & help us financially & spiritually daily forever,pls pray for our future place in heaven,pls pray for all our aunts & uncles,cousins,all our relatives, friends & enemies,etc,that I always lodge my incometaxearlyASAP,thatGodwillplsrecoupallmylosses&moreASAPforever,RofB,ES,LV,HR,VG,MA,BG,BP,RA,TA,TA,JA,BM,MT,DL,PH,JD.KT,EP,RL,JL,RL,RL,KT,CB,MR,RB,MM,PH,RD,MP,MQP,A,J,M,N&allthemembersoftheirfamilies&allourneighboursinCainta,Daet,Cherrybrook, CN,Antipolo,NP,C,MtDAustralia, to be good to me,my bros&sisters & all our loved ones forever & help us financially & spiritually daily forever.Pls pray for the people prayingfor us & the people I need to pray for daily forever.Pls pray for special intentions of all our friends & all the peoples I need to pray daily forever,Pls pray Tibs pay all his mortgages ASAP & that he meets all his sales targets daily forever,Pls pray that everything will be very easy for me to do daily forever,be successful in everything daily forever,that God will give me, my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones complete justice daily forever,that God to convert ASAP-SJR,MP,SS,PO,LL,WH,TT,DL & all who maltreated me at S &whereverasap,that God will giveusworldpeaceforever,that God give us world leaders who are good servants of peopleASAP,thatGodwillsolveallthebushfires,floods,droughts,typhoons,tsunamis,earthquakes,all calamities,catastropies,etc in this world forever,that God will give us justice in everything ASAP,thatGoddissolves/removesallmybodyfats&inflamations,gallstones,growthsinmygallbladderformygoodhealthASAPforever,mygoodbloodtest&urinetestresultsallultrasound&CTscans be good,alwaysforever,thatGodAlmightyhealsfallsicknessesof our ancestors,Fara,Fe,Maridon,Boyet,Stella,Marifin,Boyet&all sick familymembers & Llovedones&worldwidesickpeoples.TibstogiveupallSasap,IsuccessfullygetallmyCentitlementsASAPforever,intentions of RD,CM,SS,PS,CC,PC,FL,they all be good & assist me financially& spiritually forever. InJesus’name.Amen.God's Will be done forever Thank you very much. 29 August 2019  
Rob Please help me to consecrate the life of Michele Rios to Jesus, I place in the hands of the Lord all the spells and false rumors she has done and be doing against me. Blessed be Fathers Richard & Mark and my Mother. In the Name of Jesus, Our Lady Pray for Us, Amen 28 August 2019  

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