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rick kohl For me and my wife to reconcile our marriage and to be filled with Christ's love for each other. I pray to Mary that she hear my cry's and bring them to her sons feet and to prevent us from getting a divorce. 18 February 2020  
Xavier Correia Please pray for Jesus to grant me the graces I need for my salvation and for repose of souls of Victoria Conceisao, Joseph Conceisao, Lilia Conceisao, Alexio Silva and Celine Dias. 17 February 2020  
Simone Blanche Please pray the poor is blessed so JEHOVAH will hear our cry about everything. Prayer about everything also. JEHOVAH love you. Thank you. 15 February 2020  
Rohan Reading Please join me in prayer as I venture on a year of education in nsw Tafe. Pray that I will be focused and disciplined and on top of my readings and assessment tasks. Please pray that I will not be overwhelmed in course with my learning difficulties. Blessings to you all, Rohan 14 February 2020  
LESLEY ANNE SULLIVAN I'm having muscle spasms again. Can you lift up some healing prayers for me? Thank you! 14 February 2020  
John Paul Please pray for healing of Beth from the illness she has right now 12 February 2020  
Julian Simplicio Fernandes Please continue to pray for defiant rebellious son Alroyd jobless now and then and throwing away carelessly jobs and secretly married without me his father and late wife his mother Aveena’s consent who died of shock because of him and suddenly left Catholic faith converted to Islam wife Moslem Shaista residing with them 3 gal kids and giving me and daughter his sister endless trouble since 15 years and threatening me of legal action against me over property, having already filed a sui against me daughter and 2 others over a property land I purchased with my own hard earned money with my now deceased wife. He’s now resorting to breaking open our family house in goa and mumbai, locks and resorting to stealing. Now in my absence he has broken all locks, almirahs and replaced with new locks and stolen all document and valuables, both in my wife s house Madel, Goa and bombay and daughter Asmita’s personal documents and kept them in custody with his wife and her mother zubeda to blackmail and harassing me and daughter and writing lies and fabricated stories in desperation to cover his misdeeds. At the time I am writing this he has suddenly visited Goa and broken all the locks and put in new locks, not once but twice. Pease pray they return all stolen documents peacefully and desist from drastic action and steps they may take in near and far future and cause no harm, danger to life and limb to one and all. Shockingly, I come to know a non family relative but a neighbor name Agnela has been secretly helping Alroyd in making police complaints and filing legal court against me and daughter Asmitha. Through Agnella and Sheila Caeiro. Please pray all her actions be confused and ineffective and desist from putting on website and other electronic media posting stupid messages that could harm my daughter Asmita’ career and job. Please storm heavens to deliver him his Moslem wife Shasta children and families from bondage of Islam, rebellion, house breaking, stealing and accepts Jesus Christ as their true Lord and saviour he gets a separate house as he wife shaista and 3 kids growing up space as in the present sharing with her mom and other family kids getting congested and uncomfortable and delivereagd from haughtiness, stealing pride, arrogance, disobedience and rebellion anhas d Islam and all surrender to Jesus Christ. Added to it is his auntie Alba and her brother Alex poisoning about me and my daughter to serve their selfish motives of theirer parents ancestral possessions. Also storm heavens for desperate situation daughter Asmita undergoing separation trauma evictfiling ed from home is blessed with peace harmony and protection in new accommodgationfiling , landlady, fellow mates, healthy meals preparation and a God fearing employed life Catholic partner with out harassment from Abie or Alroyd and their families and sell off intended jointly house land property successfully without any obstacles from intending buyer and broker as it’s long time now, with Abie and obtain her investment portion peaceably and abie turns in fear of God Almighty in Jesus Christ sincerely repents, healed physically and spiritually and sincerely initiates process of Separation documentation as per Australia law having already completed physical separation of 11 months and long delays and obstruction s legal Separation documents and annulment process and land deal sale only to harass Asmita and myself and not paying her balance due from a land deal. That my plan to help both my children Asmita and especially rebellious Islam convert son alroyd renamed Mohammed getting worse day by day and demanding more than available resource from me and his Muslim spouse’s family not providing any help or financial support and suspected to be getting backing from moslem immams. That he along with wife shaista reconcile and look forward for development for a house , obtain permanent job. As this situation making me helpless in my old age in weakness resorting in criminal activities of house breaking and stealing pwith the help of his auntie my sister in law Alba and her brother Alex corrupting and telling lies about me and daughter asmita and putting him and his wife shaista against us both. All not God fearing. Looks like the devil himself directly interfering non-stop in my old age with especially rebellious and defiant son alroyd, Abie, Alex, Alba or Zubeda Agnella and Sheila Caeiro we are delivered from all his evil powers through them and be blessed with peace and joy In Jesus name i pray. 11 February 2020  
Annie McCarthy Dear Sisters Please pray for Laura Josephine Watson who is going through long-term cancer treatment and is in constant pain as a side effect. This pain will likely continue until the treatment ceases in August. Thank you so much. God bless you all. Kindest regards, Annie 10 February 2020  
David Please pray for the venous insufficiency problems and symptoms in my wife’s legs to be healed and for the right care, consultants, life changes and wisdom for healthier alternatives to medicine to make sure her legs get better not worse. These problems along with her other health issues are really wearing her down and can cause her concern and despair. Please pray that her Rheumatology (13 Feb 20), vascular (25 Feb 20) and colorectal (3 Mar 20) appointments go well and that issues can be resolved. For hope, peace and encouragement. Thank you. 10 February 2020  
Tammy Please pray for me to do exceedingly well and to be graded fairly in my English B and Human and Social Biology exams I did on 13th, 14th and 16th of January. Thank You! 8 February 2020  
Felix Bruyns Please pray for my mother, the victim of constant demonic and supernatural attacks for 4 months. Thank you and God bless you. 7 February 2020  
Anne [Hildegard] a prayer for serenity in life, for patience, peace and inner stillness. 7 February 2020  
linda evans Pray for the friends to know christ and turn to him and be healed emotionally and mentally and relationship and for physical healing miracles for lili. Pray that God would heal their relationship and religious wounds and answer doubts and religious questions and show up in their understanding of needing a relationship with Jesus and having a strong one with him. Help melinda and israel and others be surrounded by a strong presences of the anointing and believers and help melinda with her job wishworks so it will prosper and grow and protect her as she travels in australia and in europe. Pray she would be able to open her heart and that God would reconcile her to me and restore our communication and fellowship and give her strength and energy to reconnect to me. Pray for israel to find a good stable job stateside in tampa and that God would help him with Debbie's project and that he would be able to add a great deal to it. Pray that we would be able to connect and fellowship and communicate freely and frequently and spend time together. Help him get a new phone and be able to help me exercise and lose weight and be able to go to events with me. Deliver him from darkness and all works of darkness. bring salvation to him and melinda. Pray for lil alex and lili to be delivered from all works of darkness and that lil alex would get the help she needs for shaun and chris and that lili would get the support/finances and help she needs with her family. pray for the protection and salvation and financial needs of giles, shannon + kids, and alex. Break all powers of drug or alcohol abuse and help them have the support and relationship connections they need and restore relationship connections to me and others. Pray for avery salvation and josiah's old friend andrew too. Four requests : Pray for the girls jenn and crystal. Pray for them to have a strong faith, to have healed healthy christ centered relationships, to have the support and the financial help they need and the jobs and education they need. Pray especially for crystal to be healed mentally emotionally and spiritually and that God would heal her attitude and behavior and she would treat me with more respect. Help her get a unexpected surprise in flow of money so she can quickly purchase a new bus pass to replace the one that disappeared . (she says one of the ladies threw it out -i think she just lost it. ) Help her get a new job and and move to her new apartment and help her have a better more connected relationship with her bf timothy and they could spend more quality time together and have the resources for a future wedding and family life. Pray for Don and Brooke -That they would succeed wildly in both brooke's job as a music teacher and Don's job as a doctor and that he could have lots of meaningful time to spend with his wife hisano and children. Pray that their faith would increase and that they would have a amazing re-dedication to the faith and that God would answer questions and be more real than ever for them. PRay that our friendship/communciation would grow and prosper and that we would really get to connect/fellowship/bond together this year and more so. bonus: Pray for cameron to be healed spiritually mentally financially and that all the chains of addiction and poverty would be broken off him and that he would have the freedom to do his music and to have that abundant life of being a teacher and musician and more Prayers that I can be restored and have good energy/good sleep and be able to exercise and lose weight. Pray that i would be able to do lots of bike riding and be protected as i ride my bike both individually and roup rides. Pray i would have the energy and stamina for long rides. Prayers that my creative artist side would be able to flow and prosper and that i would be able to make, promote, and sell my jewelry and be able to do festivals, fairs, markets, art/fashion shows, etsy, and all manner of events-profit and non-profit/charitable.I would be able to do my handmade jewelry, photography, cards, scrapbooking, sewing, etc in abundance. Help me network and support other local artists/fashion people and businesses. Pray for andrew : pray that he would have salvation and that he would recongnize who Christ made him to be and that he would be that person. Pray for his mental/emotional physical healing and help him with his school studies and his work. Help him be healed from family, relationship, and religious wounds and be restored to well-being. Help him have christ-centered relationships and that God would reveal him on andrew's behalf. 7 February 2020  
Wendy Dear Lord, hear our prayers for Rod and his family. Let your love and peace guide him on his journey home. Angels take just hand and lead the way. bless Ruth. With the peace that only comes from you. 6 February 2020  
Wendy Dear Sisters my boss and our school need help. I need Ki densest, courage and strength . Thank you 6 February 2020  
John Walker Dear good friends, We need prayers and masses for these intentions: - "Daniel": dead (soul); - Paulo Silvino: dead (soul) - lack of sleep; - dislocation of the bones; - to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital; - sexual problem: lack of pleasure; - Régis, Paulo César anad Patrícia loira: alchoholic problem; - Patrícia loira and her family: idem; - ancestors of Sagata, Hashiguchi and Kanno families;- cure my myopia; - cure my dermatitis;- atheists; - evil souls from Purgatory; - Lara's cousin: cancer; - woman from the church: schizophrenia, depression and drugs; - Sanae: master and doctorate degree; - cat "Coloridinha": health;- Sanae: health and strong faith; - Sanae: help me when I grow old or fall sick; - cure Daniel K.: obsessions,addiction, lack of control, "blowing" and lies;- election Brazil 2020 and 2022; Willian José da Costa; Lara Kuhn Thank you for your attention, Sagata family, 5 February 2020  

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