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Cathy Please pray for my elderly mother, Marian and me, (her caretaker) to be protected from spiritual attacks, lawsuits, threats to our safety, and false accusations. Family members are striking out at me especially. Pray for peace, truth and justice to prevail in our family and among our friends. Pray for my Mom's soul and that we have a good encounter with the Priest tomorrow (Friday). Pray for Kevin, Carisa, Bill, Bob, Carol, Patty, Dorothy, Cathy and Marian. Thank you and God bless. 2 November 2023  
Bernadette Immediate family healing, Kingston's mental healing, Mercedes healing and honesty. Parental wisdom and faith. That our family stays together. * Repose of Andrew's soul, healing in his family along with miraculous conversions and reversion. * Safe delivery, may I make the right choice and me and baby come out of it healthy. 2 November 2023  
Klara Vita Dear kind friends, We need prayers and masses for the following intentions: 1. Africa; 2. Middle East; 3. to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital; 4. dysfunctional families; 5. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families; 6. Brazilian public schools; 7. Brazilian election; 8. Brazilian slum; 9. help me when I grow old, fall sick and when I die; 10. working people rights; 11. schizophrenic people; 12. prevent Sanae lose of mental control when she can not go to the church; 13. Sanae (in the present and future): goodness, kindness, wisdom, strong faith, compassion, courage, honesty,QI250, cure gift, strong eyes, children literature writing skill, cure gift, independence, best family, Dom Wilson gift, religious vocation, Denmark; 14. Daniel: lack of control, obsession, adiction, "blowing" and intrigue punishment. 15. Elisabeth Fritzl and children; 16. cats "Loirinha", machinho and "Coloridinha": health an protection; 17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church; 18. Yoshio and Erika: house; join the church 19. Sanae: financial problem good job: supermarket near home packager bus:get off right place.receive salary Thank you for your kindness, Klara Vita. 1 November 2023  
Bill and Carol Prayer Request Fall, Christmas, Winter 2023, 2024...?? Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying! Fall is the realization that all is fading away. Winter is not far behind and the shadow of death sweeps our lives and the land. On a bigger canvas of human history it seems we are entering the winter of the new dark ages from 2023,2024 onward. All we can do is enter our heart and labor to enter that rest. And finally that eternal rest. Hebrews 4:11 " We labor to enter that rest..." With a very heavy heart 2023 is turning out to be a very turbulent year of terrible events(Terrible heat waves, weather extremes,unrest,wars and other events happening now) that is shaking our civilization to the core. Manmade and Natural Disasters?? Pray for peace! The last 3 years is any indication we are in deep trouble as a civilization from 2023 onward? Pray for peace!! Fall, Winter 2023, 2024....?? Updated Prayer Request. Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray with us for God's Healing and Protecting Peace Now and in the Days ahead...Long Term! Still recovering from events in our personal lives of Family, Friends Deaths(loss of our only son) and other sorrows and hardships from the past and Now! Pray for God's healing and protecting peace Now and in the days ahead... Fall, Christmas Winter 2023,2024....Eternal Rest. Especially in the terrible(New Dark Ages) times(2020's) in which we are living in with the ongoing events. Both manmade and natural disasters are increasing at a rate we have not seen in modern civilization. Long Term Prayer Request for God's Healing and Protecting Peace in the months ahead?? Fall Christmas Winter 2023,2024..?? Please pass on to others to pray in the Worldwide Community of Prayer. Urgent! Long term. In His Eternal Rest. Bill and Carol. oh. usa image.png image.png 1 November 2023  
Colleen Pray for Colleen for safety, peace, and to get a good suitable job where she can have financal security and stablity and a pension to retire out with. Pray for her eye to be healed from Fuch's and for her well-being, good godly relationships and for the right people to help her and for the holy spirit to lead and director life. Pray for John O. for her complete health, and for him to live a long healthly life. Pray for his peace, safety, well-being, and for the right people to help him, favor, and for protection over his job, for finacanal security and stablity, and good godly friends and for the holy spirit to lead guild and protect him. Pray for Svetli, Gabe, Kalin, Guido, Tony, Elizabeth Tony, Teddy, for peace, safety, acceptance, well-being, health, to get good suitable jobs to be able to have financal security, stablity, the right people to help them, support. For the Holy Spirit to direct their path and keep them out of all harms ways. For them all to be able to learn, focus, displine, and obedinence and for them to be able to retain all that they are learning and for the right people to help them. Pray for them to stay out of all harms ways and for them to stay close to God and have real peace. Pray for Gordon, Doug, Patrick and for their kids for their peace, safety, health, money situtuions and for good godly relatinships and to stay out of all harms ways. Pray for their conversion. Pray for Colleen's family to be healed and to be reunited and for them to find forgiveness towards one another. pray Collene can focus and have displine, obedience and to get a lot of work done. Pray for Colleen to lose weight and Maria Peterson for her and her family and for their healthy, safety, peace, and all their needs and intentionsl. 31 October 2023  
Helena Sweden Hi, please pray for mother Helena that she get money to repair the car and that they fix it very good. To be able to drive son to far off village where buses to his school goes. It is winter and snow in Sweden and worry much about this. My health has been bad with frozen shoulder please pray for healing as well. Please pray daughter 13 years to be good behaviour and go to all classes in school. And be happy not shouting and fighting with family, Lastly, pray that we receive money for coming moths with ease and grace. That spiritually we blessed and protected. Sincerely Helena 30 October 2023  
Kimberly Stacknick God I'm asking you please restore, rebuild, heal, mend & bring back my marriage to Jim & for his infidelity & all contact with the other girl will cease forever & to bring him home devoted to me today. If this doesn't happen please let the pain in my heart be gone. I cry all the time. It hurts me so badly. in Jesus name. 30 October 2023  
Lori Ann G Hastings Please pray for my husband Dave who is having infusions for MS.. Thank you and God bless you! 27 October 2023  
Alan Demascus Kindly please pray for the healing of my hellish schizophrenia illness, suffered for past 15 years. 27 October 2023  
Dawson Very recently my wife and I have felt under spiritual attack. Please pray for this to stop and be kept away. Thank you. 27 October 2023  
April Please pray that Clint will be saved. So he can be the man God wants him to be for me. In the name of Jesus I ask. Amen. 27 October 2023  
Shahana Please pray for my Nuero Patient mother, Kebira Begum, admitted in hospital till date start eating solid food from her mouth in Mighty Jesus Name, Amen 26 October 2023  
Vineet Raj Dear Lord, I come to you begging on my knees , with a heavy heart. Dear Lord I beg of you , please let my visa be approved. I have paid all my fees , I am facing complications with my visa process, I beg of you please answer me that my visa application and process goes smoothly and that my visa is approved and accepted. Cause this is my last hope , then I don't want to live anymore , Please I beg of you, please intercede for me and answer my prayer 23 October 2023  
Hrvoje Please offer a Masses and pray for me that God almighty protect ne , bless me abundantly and provide for me. That God bless my health spritual and pshycial and of my loved ones . That He bless all of my realationships and that He bless all of my work , buisnesses , atempts , crypto investments and provide my great sum to invest in crypto, my finances and everything that i do. And that He give His abundance lot of love in my life and beautiful life and everlasting life with Him when i die. That He give me succes in every aspect of my life especially in family life and my buisness . And that He greatly bless my son Noel and all of my loved ones and that He bless my realationship with Snježana and that He bless our fidelity and that He protect us from other People and from ourselves.And that He gives Holly sacrament of marriage that we struggle for And that God personally protect me and my loved ones from our enemies and that He destroy their power over us in a mighty name of Jesus. And that i travel all around a globe and that He multiple my good deeds tremeoundesly . And that He greatly bless my finances and my cashflow. And that He me the best part od Paradise allready Here on earth to me and my loved ones . Thank you and God bless You all abundantly. 22 October 2023  
Hunter Small Will you please pray for God to give me abundant financial blessings? 22 October 2023  
Trev Please pray for Mr Bradford Justice and his family. He has had a seizure plus extremely low heart rate and high blood sugar levels. He is in critical condition and doctors say it's not looking good. 21 October 2023  

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