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Dr.Ngamkholal Haokip Please pray for the heart change or transformation of Joseph Haokip .He must come back to God with true repentance and live a Godly life but it seems impossible for him but with God all things are possible .Pray that God will positively change him now from addictions and other evil habits. Pray that he would love his mother Ruth Haokip and his mother Ruth Haokip also would love him too .His evil life has become a big problem for the family .Each time I cried to God for him. Pray for the urgent recovery of his stolen mobile phone. Please pray that God would bless us with financial overflowing soon to purchase a land about 3000 square feet for a Church Headquarters .Pray that God would give me the wisdom, ability and people to accomplish this wonderful work of God. Pray that God would give us Healing , Protection against all evil powers , Successful in doing great things for God , attracting many sincere people for His Kingdom , ability to lead people on the right track, ability to solve all problems wisely , ability to lead a joyful Godly life and to put God first in all things. 19 October 2020  
Harry I need a baby. I can’t sleep. I’m itchy all over from my couch and flat . It has been sprayed 4 times and is still itchy. I am anxious about a guy and my living situation and my family and my life and having given away all my money when I could have bought a flat or a house. I’m so stressed. I eat too much everyday and can’t stop. I have a lot of pain in both my feet and my hips and eyes and knees. I need new arch supports and I need the bunions on my feet healed as they are so painful and stuck out so much on both feet. I think I have breast cancer as it’s so painful and goes up my face and in my chest and down my arm. I keep having a vision that if I have a baby it will have downsyndrome. Please break this curse off me and my family. I’m so stressed. 17 October 2020  
RA am exonerated from action brought by ELD and she is charged with perjury and false reports and creating false belief. My work and study and future career is unaffected and it does not come up in screenings. 17 October 2020  
Mitiam 1. Please pray for Hanne, that Doctors can find and treat her ailment. 2. For Kay that she continues cancer treatment in God’s love. 3. For Liam to find peace and love in his life and restore family love. 16 October 2020  
TOBY MORTLOCK Please pray with me as I press into God against the evil voices in my head that taunt and promise but never go away. I have been tormented by them for 27 years especially but there has been disturbance in my brain and mind all my lifetime. Please pray with me for deliverance from satan's hand and into a fruitfulness in life with God's leading and direction fulfilled as He has spoken it to me. My life is small around me because the voices are 24/7 even in my sleep and they despitefully use me and torment me all the time. I usually don't recognise that I am responding in my brain automatically and with my will and it blocks out all beauty of my life and environment. They blame me and spend all day and night setting up impossible and ludicrous situations and arguments nobody could win. The doctors say I am quite normal and part of the immense suffering all these years all the time is because I am aware and insightful. It got far worse 27 years ago when I was in Canberra Australia when I was tortured for a long time and held against my will by criminals. I cannot work and I subsist on a small disability pension so I cannot afford much of a life and I only eat once a day. God encourages me to think of myself as HIs child and as a royal person in His Kingdom that He will fulfil in me. My faith has always held on since my earliest childhood where others around me have fallen away and I keep far away from sin and give what I can from the little I have but I must say it has been very hard looking at half my lifetime being taken away being lost in my head by this torture. I believe God will replace all the years that the locust has eaten and He will condemn His enemy using me in spite and hate. I have never been twisted and am a very gentle giving person with immense love especially for the poor and little in life. Please pray with me that God will lift me up out of this dark grave into newness of life and will bless my life to prosper even as my soul prospers. I press into God as much as I can and trust Him and read my bible each day but I really need deliverance and the local church is only supportive and not direct at the suffering I go through. I live in a small place called Lithgow in Australia not far from Sydney. I am hoping that God will bless my finances as well so that I can afford myself a better life. I am hoping for $200,000 next year from compensation because the local police spitefully used me wrongly and held me and battled at me calling me a sick evil person who was mad and untrustworthy and many other things. I have no family and I have tried finding my natural family especially my natural Mother since I was adopted and then forgotten about but I got no answer from the letters that a service sent out for me to reconnect. I cannot afford a car and nearly all friends are too far away for me to visit them. Fortunately God put the evil person in jail that was ruining my life next door where the police would not act and now without daily and nightly threats and screaming and smashed windows and so on I can slowly pick up the pieces - it is quiet without him in the flat next door. I want God to lift me out of ill health and use me, especially financially for the poor worldwide. I am a virgin and I never married. Mostly with the suffering and poverty I was too sick to support a relationship healthily but I do long to meet a good Christian virgin young woman I could share God's love with. I have always longed for a family of my own I could dote on. I have never been argumentative or combative but always deeply loving and committed and gentle and I long to share that with someone. I need a life. I am 54 years old last August and 27 years have been stolen so that I do not recognise the missing years or where I was. I want to press on to win the prize in this race. I keep a journal of wealth and poverty concerning the world's poorest in Africa and I have told God that I am willing if He would just use me. It is a lot more than keeping facts and figures in a book about the poor. I am fortunate and blessed enough to now have Hillsong channel on television 24 hours a day and I love to turn it on each day and listen to the uplifting preaching encouraging my faith and prayer and trust and reliance in God. I believe that God uses my prayer intercession and words for others each day and night and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him. Please don't forget me. I am all alone, especially in my head and satan tears at me so that it seems the truth will never come out and be exposed. Please lift me up in prayer for deliverance and prosperity. Yours in Christ's love Mr. Toby Charles Mortlock 14 October 2020  
Angie My son had an accident at work. Needs surgery tomorrow. Please God that it would all go well. Thank you. 14 October 2020  
Maylene Reyes Please pray for me for my birthday on October 14, for birthday thanksgiving & blessings. For peace, happiness, complete healing of mind, body & spirit, for protection, wisdom, guidance, for success & prosperity in life so I can give my mom a happy, comfortable life here in the USA and also I can help other people who are in need too Thank you. 13 October 2020  
Paola Good evening, I can kindly ask if you can pray for the deliverance of Paola and her family (they're very oppressed), for the conversion and salvation of Daniele (who a slave of sin is destroying his life and that of the people who love him) and for Giorgio to come out of the slavery of alcoholism and meet the love of God capable of filling any emotional void. Thanks a lot, Paola 11 October 2020  
zlice may duncan james stewart be free from black magic, evil forces and he is surrounded by a positive healing energy every single day 11 October 2020  
Steven Milo Hi If you may please pray, I walk in Peace in all circumstances and be free from fear Thanks Steven 10 October 2020  
zlice may duncan james stewart be free from suffering, black magic, negative energies, evil forces, and he heals from any sort  of pain. thank you so much 9 October 2020  
aldi I am asking for prayers for Aneta and Raphael, for the grace of conversion, a pure heart and God's protection. I am also asking you to pray for Tomasz, who needs work. 9 October 2020  
Pericles Bernard D. Cabarrubias,OFS October 10, 2020 World Mental Health Day In honor of St. Benedict of Nursia Pericles Bernard D. Cabarrubias,OFS Sts. Francis and Clare Fraternity Poor Clare Monastery Cebu, Philippines Loving God, we pray today for those who are confronted by the sadness, ambiguity and confusion of mental illness, and for those upon whom they depend for attention and compassionate care. Look with mercy on all whose afflictions bring them weakness, distress, confusion or isolation. Provide for them homes of dignity and peace; give to them understanding helpers and the willingness to accept help. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Perry,OFS St. Benedict of Nursia, pray for us. Happy Birthday, Riz Du. Saturday 10 October 2020 Perry,OFS 9 October 2020  
Marie de Vivar Please pray for complete healing of Carmen de Vivar (sister), she has goiter, hypertension, arthritis, back pain, GERD, and allergy. Help her to sleep soundly at night. Also heal me Lord, I have an enlarged heart, high creatinine (3rd stage kidney disease), high platelet & white blood cells. We both pray that our kidneys become healthy and God heal all our ailments. Help us financially by having a regular income and help us pay all our debts. Bless us with more faith, hope, strength and peace of mind. Please pray for the repose of the souls of our parents Marceliano & Juanita and Froilan de Vivar (brother). Pray that a buyer purchase Consuelo Pangasinan's property so that she can have an immediate operation to remove a kidney stone (as big as 2/3 of her kidney) in her body. We pray for her complete healing. Thank you for praying with us. 7 October 2020  
Joshua Please bless my system8 tikets and my big swep tikets to win these $$$ so i could buy a home at corals and pay my court fines and fees 6 October 2020  
Angie I have had 2 serous operations in last 2 weeks. Please God give me strength and courage to go forth. 2 October 2020  

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