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Kiran Please pray God for me to complete my computer course successfully and get a good job where my life to be settled properly and have a wonderful life for me with good luck, removing bad luck, good health, prosperity, great fortune, peace, success, my problems to be resolved effortlessly with good results for me, victory, God's (blessings & boons & grace), protection and safety without any obstacles and evil eye for me . 23 May 2022  
Nik That Lindsey and I may grow in love of God and each other all the days of our lives 22 May 2022  
Vera Please pray for my cousin's premature twins - a girl and a boy. The boy is in critical condition! Thank you so much and God bless you! 22 May 2022  
ralph kershler Please pray for 15 year old Matthew Curtis a student of St leo's College who is suffering from deep depression. Lord hear my prayer 21 May 2022  
Sarah Grogan Hello, my Mother (Mary Grogan) is the Director of music ministry at Saint Anthony and Joseph`s of Herkimer,NY. Please pray for our family's(Father Scott Grogan and myself Sarah Grogan)spiritual protection, healing, to be covered with the blood of Christ and sheltered under Holy Mother`s mantle of protection. Can this please be on the long term prayer list? Thank you! 21 May 2022  
Bill and Carol PRAYER REQUEST GOOD FRIDAY 2022. EASTER,ASCENSION DAY,PENTECOST MAY,JUNE-SEPT. 2022,2023....ETERNAL REST! SOMEDAY? FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!! Martin Luther King Jr. Dear Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying with us daily for the long term! THE PAIN AND HEAVINESS OF OUR HEARTS CONTINUES TO CRY OUT TO GOD FOR HIS MERCY AND(REST)PEACE!! CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR PEACE!!! Wishing the Community of prayer peace in their hearts! Especially in these growing uncertainties of our times. Ongoing terrible events! Somehow by the grace of God and your prayers we are still standing. We are more determined than ever to pray! To enter His eternal rest and trust that out of that rest will come His will for everything. All that matters now in these dark times is His perfect will? In the end only love remains. Thank you for praying with all of us daily during this terrible dark time(2020'S,,) in world history! Just know we are praying with you daily. Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2022,2023… or as long as possible? For God's Mercy, Healing and Protecting Peace in these turbulent times. Please pray with us for our personal(Broken Hearts and Lives) recovery. God's Healing and Protecting Peace. Still recovering from the loss of our only son and other sorrows and hardships then and Now! Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer.( Spring 2022,2023..??) Long Term? We have entered a dark time of history where anything can happen?? PLEASE IF POSSIBLE? Can you pass on our Urgent Prayer Request on to Prayer Groups, Convents,Monasteries,Parishes and Others you know of the Worldwide Community of Prayer? Long Term? 2020's Communities(Women and Men) of Prayer? We will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer! In His Eternal Rest. Bill and Carol. oh. usa 21 May 2022  
Nikhil Joseph Please grant me hope O Lord. I have prayed regarding Lindsey for four years but if it is not Your Will O Lord, I release it to You. Please do not disregard my sorrow or my years of prayer but I beg of you to grant me some form of tangible hope. 18 May 2022  
Julian Simplicio Fernandez Blessing of risen Lord Jesus Christ for repentance, forgiveness of sins, healing, unity among Catholics, Christians, popes, Cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, healing of church scandals, sacrileges, divorces, amen. For peace in ongoing war Russia Ukraine, beleaguered Sri lanka, many died, injured, widowed, orphaned, all get consecrated to Sacred Hearts of Jesus and mother Mary. Healing of divorced daughter Asmitha, blood, hormone, polyps, endomedric, fertility tests, obtains diligent God fearing employed Catholic partner, peaceful marital family, not go thro horrifying divorce experience, but have a peaceful happy marital life in thanksgiving to the glory of God, amen. That Dale Sparks blessing of job, career, custody boy child Hayden 3 yrs, abandoned mother, asmita intending marital alliance with Dale having 2 year son, no conflict with separated mother, be guided by holy Spirit, blest in Jesus, amen. Serious repentance, forgiveness desperate 15 years jobless son alroyd abandoned catholic faith married against my and wife aveena's wishes, renamed Mohammad convert moslem, date birth changed by her brother Alex for wrong purpose, resorting criminal activities, house breaking, robbing, ruining life, 4 children, filing false court cases, using Christian name, claiming entire family property, threatening, sending police every now and then to my house, changed locked several times, making impossible for me to enter, filing false legal cases thro Christian adv. Sheila Caeiro and vengeful Agnella for personal gains, moslem cousin, threatening removal of Ashmita from job, extradition, arrest, unwilling to take legal share peacefully, tearing us in tears. That both brother in-law Alex, Alroyd Mohammad and shaista family repents in Jesus name, undo all wrongs, frauds, and makes serious employment search, is blessed with secure job, live peacefully, returns to catholic faith, without harm from Moslem fanatics, relatives, be in peace in Jesus name, I pray. Forgiveness to Late wife Aveena squandered blessings, abortions, unhealthy relationship, lent monies, got cheated, abandoned Catholic faith, left family bankrupt, died in shock for Alroyd secretly married against our consent, Shaista mother Zubeda deceived marry her daughter Shaista with support of Christians, Gladys Pinto, Agnella, Pls pray that all who borrowed monies from my late wife Aveena returns us, several follow up resulting zero. That fear of Goa builders Altab, Allauddin, lawyers don’t take advantage of family situation, cheat, defraud but proceeds sincerely, peacefully of my land in exchange of long ago promised new construction homes. Repentance, forgiveness stagnant eldest sister Josephine, her son linus, daughter Lourdes, both long jobless, brother Peter, prays together unitedly, recites rosary, be responsible and get blessed with jobs, marriage, participate in church activities. Deliverance, healing of Alfred fits, diabetes, alcoholic, stealing habits, havoc at home, gets blest with job, participate in church activities with good friends, blessed with job, his wife with vertigo, giddiness is healed, protected and blest with job, safe travel to and fro, son joyal fares well in school exam. healing of Anthony nerves sickness, two young daughters to care. Healing, blessing to Dominic suddenly lost both wife, son-in-law, left with daughter and 2 years child, rejected by in-laws is blest peace, finance and daughter blest with job. That our residence, Ave Maria, delivered from Hanif, ronaldo, paul harassing Christians residents inducting moslems to form majority control, fraud; another residence Hemraj, Ramdevji taken over by Hindu fanatics, sachin badriya kharwa shikshan are delivered from harassment, criminal negligence, repairs, eviction threats endangering life, limbs, misusing funds fraudulently taken in names of tenants for personal agendas, having given legal notice does not backfire, repercussion. Thank you, may Almighty Yahweh, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit deliver us from all evils, protect, heal and bless us one and all. Amen, amen 18 May 2022  
Mary May I request a prayer for my daughter Andrea, that the Lord will give his wisdom during her job application interview, and may she be accepted. God Bless Thank you! 18 May 2022  
JB I pray for my son’s healing from all of his medical issues. Amen 15 May 2022  
Kerry Bailey Lord, we ask you to hold Serge in the palm of your hand. Please strengthen and renew him with your love. We ask, too, that you wrap his family in your loving embrace. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen 14 May 2022  
kerry Bailey Lord, we ask you to hold Serge in the palm of your hand. Please strengthen and renew him with your love. We ask that, too that you wrap his family in your loving embrace. We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen. 14 May 2022  
Joseph That I Will Walk The Narrow Road Forsake My Sins Trust In Jesus And Mary Poor Souls In Purgatory Prayer In Schools My Priest Friends For The Pope That I Will Keep The Laws Of God 14 May 2022  
Joseph That I Will Walk The Narrow Road Forsake My Sins Trust In Jesus And Mary Poor Souls In Purgatory Prayer In Schools My Priest Friends For The Pope That I Will Keep The Laws Of God 14 May 2022  
Simone Please pray for purity and power, all JEHOVAH loves. Health for Mother and Sister. Well behaved children. WORK. Understanding for family. Compassion for us. To be loved and loving. Educations. Hot and on fire for JEHOVAH. All things prayer for. Thank You JEHOVAH love you all. 12 May 2022  
Valentine Judy Lord Jesus Mama Mary St Joseph bless Neha Nikita Annu Arati in their studies, bless them with bright future, govt jobs, protect them from all ailments of body and mind, danger and harm, bless them with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic life partners.BlessVellu, Judy to be with you always and with the children 10 May 2022  

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