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Nicola Scott I pray you are all safe and well, especially during the global coronavirus pandemic. Please would you pray for Lucy. She has a very bad chesty cough, which is very worrying, as she has suffered with many severe chest infections over the years and has a weaker left lung due to having pleurisy three times since she was 13. Also would you please for: Blossom who struggles to cope with very sore hands and ears; Godfrey and Jack who are both suffering with cancer. Monty, who has been having nightmares and has anxiety issues. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Your prayers will and do make a difference. May God bless each and every one of you. You are all in my prayers. Take care and stay safe. 17 January 2021  
annmarie please pray for my son john that he is found innocent of the picture of his child that was put up on the internet and that he gives up drugs and we get to see our grand daughters again this is tearing our family in pieces thank you god bless you 16 January 2021  
Grace Praying for my elder children's health & conversion; job search. Thank you Lord! Please hold them in the palm of your hands. 16 January 2021  
Kristin Stempf de Vargas I would ask your prayers for the two granddaughters of very close friends. Their parents' marriage broke down due to serious and ongoing betrayals by the husband. The two girls, Elly-May (13) and Kasey (16) live in regional Victoria and, in the last 5 months, have both been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa They have both been in and out of hospital during this time, as their bodies keep shutting down through repeated episodes of being unable to eat or drink. There has been a 50% increase in adolescent eating disorders during Covid and the girls have been unable to get access to appropriate psychological treatment. This has put immense strain on their mother and grandparents. Please pray that God will heal the girls and give strength and endurance to their mother and grandparents. Thank you so much. 15 January 2021  
Wendy Father I am lost, my body is hurting. My family deserve better. I want to stop work as I hate some of them , but I fear we won't survive financially. I m cranky and scared , I don't know how to let Glenn know. What if 62 is my lady year and I'm so busy doing stuff to enjoy life. Please show me the way. Please help me to listen to you, to be open . To be a better person. To bring you to others. Amen 15 January 2021  
Antony Hello! I am just asking if you can pray for me that I can find a carpentry apprentice, and that the people I work for are people who fear and love the one true God. 14 January 2021  
Marie de Vivar Please pray for complete healing of Carmen de Vivar (goiter, rheumatism), Consuelo Pangasinan (kidney stone),Enriqueta Pasion (osteoarthritis), Nelia Mejia (cancer), Corazon Herrera (arthritis, high creatinine), Tess Vestal (fatty liver), and Lenneth Floriza (lung cancer). Also for my complete healing, I have enlarged heart, high creatinine (3rd stage chronic kidney disease) and high platelet. God help my sister Carmen and me financially by having a regular source of income and help us pay our debts. Bless us with more faith, hope, strength and peace of mind. Please pray for the repose of the souls of our parents Marceliano & Juanita and Froilan de Vivar (brother). Thank you for praying with us. 14 January 2021  
Casey Please pray that Jesus would forgive me and grant me true contrition and sorrow for my sins. Also lease pray for me for the grace of Final Perserverance for myself and all the faithful Please remember me in your silt sacrifices, sufferings, and humiliations and offer them all up for me for my salvation to expiate for my sins. Please do this as an act of charity. 12 January 2021  
Michael Hagan Dear Sisters, This is a request for prayers for a good outcome for a biopsy to be done on my prostate. It will take place on Wednesday 1-13-21. They think it may be cancerous. And hopefully it hasn't spread. Any prayers will be deeply appreciated. In JMJ Michael Hagan 11 January 2021  
Chritine Paris Dear God and angels, please hear my prayer: thank you for please helping me now, through financially, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally and guiding me to serve my perfect life purpose now and shine my love and light in the world to make it a better place. Amen! 9 January 2021  
Grazyna Happy New Year 2021! I ask with all my heart for prayers for my dad John and minę. I am looking for a permanent job, a prayer community and I want to improve my health. My dad John feels very lonely after mum's death, he has health problems. For Jane's soul. Please pray for us. Grazyna 8 January 2021  
Barbara Smith Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law and their 9 week old baby. My son-in-law is thinking of divorce due to an old girl friend who has been calling since the baby was born. He has also started drinking and has basically become an alcoholic. My daughter is heart broken and wants to keep their family together. Thank you for your prayers. 8 January 2021  
Estrella Borromeo Good day. Please pray for my father, Ramon "Chito" Borromeo Sr. , 80 years old. He finds discomfort on HIS LUNGS AND THROAT DUE TO A TERRIBLE PHLEGM that able to breath him hardly and moved and eat. . Please take out his phlegm in his body Lord. He has a cardio pulmonary disease .. please clear his throat and lungs to any more diseases that will cause him to have a hard breathing. Please stop his cough and phlegm for him to find comfort. Please have him walk eat take a bath and HAVE A GOOD SLEEP AT NIGHT as he barely slept at night. He got Prostate and diabetic too. Please make him sleep at night.Please spare him on Covid. please live him longer with us in Jesus name. PLEASE I BEG FOR HIGH PRAYERS FOR MY FATHER. Amen. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FATHER PLEASE. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS) 8 January 2021  
Ray Please pray for me dear Sisters. I am so hurt and broken. I am so grateful for your prayers. God bless you all 7 January 2021  
Ashly Please pray for me to successful in my coming interview to get permanent job as a neonatal nurse in Wollongong public is my passion...& I believe babies are angles of God.. I have been trying last five years to get this permanant job....God please help me to successful this time... 6 January 2021  
Derek Gerard Solomon St Michael Archangel Protect us INRI IHS Please Pray for my Pet Dog champ Suffering from brain tumor 6 January 2021  

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