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mathew Pray for Sheree who has been abused, raped, is homeless, alcoholic and traumatized. Please pray for Brian and Josie who are trying to help her with a roof over her head. Sheree has recently left jail 3 October 2023  
Melissa Please pray that my husband stops the divorce and comes home to me and our 2 year old daughter. That he sees the error of his ways and that he ends his relationship with our former employee and that he comes back to the faith. 3 October 2023  
Pratik Kindly please pray for the healing of my hellish thought broadcasting and thought insertion symptoms. Thank you. 3 October 2023  
John Walker Dear kind friends, We need prayers and masses for the following intentions: 1. memory problem; promise:teacher 2. dislocation of bones; 3. Sanae: brain injury; promise: teacher 4. sexual problem;promise:teacher 5. cure my myopia; promise:teacher 6. lack of sleep;promise: teacher 7. Sanae: health, strong faith and protection; 8. Sanae: a happy marriage for me; 9. Sanae: healthy, kind and inteligent children; 10. help me when I grow old or fall sick and when I die; 11. Sanae: master and doctorate degree; 12. Sanae: interchange in England, France, Italy, Germany and Japan; 13. Lara, her father and Lorraine: punishment for work exploitation; (justice) 14. Paulo César, Régis and Patrícia loira: alchoholic problem; 15. Yoko and Tsuyoshi: punishment (justice) 16. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families, 17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church; 18. Romaria pilgrimage; 19. taxation on companies and riches 20. good tenant 21. Sanae: financial problem. Good job: supermarket Carrefour Thank you for kindness, John Walker. 2 October 2023  
Klara Vita Dear kind friends, We need prayers and masses for the following intentions: 1. Africa; 2. Middle East; 3. to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital; 4. dysfunctional families; 5. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families; 6. Brazilian public schools; 7. Brazilian election; 8. Brazilian slum; 9. help me when I grow old, fall sick and when I die; 10. working people rights; 11. schizophrenic people; 12. prevent Sanae lose of mental control when she can not go to the church; 13. Sanae (in the present and future): goodness, kindness, wisdom, strong faith, compassion, QI200, cure gift, strong eyes, children literature writing skill, cure gift, independence, best family, Dom Wilson gift, religious vocation, Denmark; 14. Daniel: lack of control, obsession, adiction, "blowing" and intrigue punishment. 15. Elisabeth Fritzl and children; 16. cats "Loirinha", machinho and "Coloridinha": health an protection; 17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church; 18. Yoshio and Erika: let me have the house; join the church 19. Sanae: financial problem good job: supermarket packager bus:get off right place. Thank you for your kindness, Klara Vita. 2 October 2023  
Cathy URGENT! Please pray for our protection against Identity Theft (we had a break in & personal information stolen), lawsuits, calumny, gossip, damage to person & property, and against harmful chemicals being sprayed in & on our property. All of this has been happening to us! Please pray for a smooth relocation to a safe new place so we may serve the Lord, thrive and be happy. Pray for the speedy healing of Maureen, Dorothy, Patty, Peggy, Pat, Bob, Bill, Carisa, Kevin, Pat F. Kenny, Fr. Vince, Mom, Me & all who've asked for prayers. Pray that Mom (Marian)'s 100th birthday on Oct 31, is spiritual, full of love & joy. Thank you so much! 1 October 2023  
Wendy Dear sisters please pray for Alexander who is missing and for those who love him. 1 October 2023  
Wendy My daughter's friend Bianca has a brother, I don't know his name. He has been in a car accident and needed to be airlifted to Sydney last night. Please pray for him and Bianca's family. Thank you 29 September 2023  
Chris Estes Please pray for be my mother Hermine who is recovering from a bad fall and is trying to relearn to walk agsin. Please pray for God’s will that she be able to walk properly with feet and legs separated and her sensory perception be fully healed Thanks for your prayers 29 September 2023  
Simone Blanche Please pray for our marriages. Please pray for our businesses, success and good fortune, finances and love. Divine Health and wellbeing. Children and those in need. All things prayer for please. Birthdays. Make us all ABBA loves. 27 September 2023  
Tracey Ann Laing I pray for the soul of Amanda Gordon, Frank Walsh, Ian Tonks, Michael Hickey, George Moss, Beatrix Wanrooy and for my own needs, Tracey Laing. Blessings Tracey Laing Brisbane 26 September 2023  
Simone Please pray for all these finances come into the company and all ABBA loves. May we become all ADONAI loves. Please pray for BALPARA. Bring success to all You love. May we be loved and admonishing You Father GOD. May we know what to do. give us to grow how You love ELOHIM. Managers. Make us all Yours. May we hear from You JEHOVAH. MINISTER to us, everything to us FATHER GOD. Thy will be done. All things prayer for Amen Thank You. EL SHADDAI love you all. 26 September 2023  
Tonya Lashawn Rodgers Please pray for my healing On December 15, 2007, I was confirmed Catholic at the Nativity Catholic Church, and in 2011 I decided to attend Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Downtown Tampa. While I was attending Sacred Heart Catholic Church which is run by order of the Franciscans, I also attended different events at the Franciscan Center. It was not long after attending both Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Franciscan Center that I noticed things contrary to religion. Activities related to tarot card readings, astrology, Lambryths with Buda statues, and Thursday Sabbath Days with salutations to the God of the sun. I went back to the Nativity Catholic church and told Father Proulx that they were doing astrology, Chakra healings, and tarot card reading on a Thursday that they called a sabbath day. Father Proulx responded by saying I know what they do, and then he said that he did not agree with it, but that there was not much that he could do about it. I went to mass at the Nativity Catholic Church in Brandon that morning and after mass a man and woman were standing behind me talking and all of a sudden, the man yelled out to Father Proulx, I want the girl. Father Proulx slammed his fist down on the counter and said give him a minute. I ended up leaving the Catholic church and found a job at Chase Manhattan Bank in May of 2012. On May 18, 2012, I started having pains in my neck, and a manager at Chase Bank insisted on calling an ambulance, two nurses worked for Chase Bank in the office with myself and the manager. Before I could agree to be taken to the hospital two men walked into the office and said that they were taking me to St Joseph’s Franciscan Hospital When in the ambulance vehicle the drivers gave me a shot of Benadryl before we arrived in St Joseph's Franciscan hospital. When I entered the ER, I was placed on a couch for several minutes and the same two nurses who were in the office with the manager at Chase Bank kept walking up to me and then telling someone not yet and then they put me in a hospital room. When I asked for an MRI on my neck, I noticed that instead of a doctor being in the room, Father Sean O’Brien from Sacred Heart Catholic Church who was also one of the priests at the Franciscan center was dressed up in scrubs impersonating as a doctor. When I saw who he was, I told the nurse that I tried to expose something that was happening at the Franciscan center and that I wanted to see a doctor and she told me to be quiet. Father Sean Obrien said to me we are not giving you an MRI we are baker acting you and then as the two ambulance drivers watched he told a huge black man to handcuff me to the bed and then he ripped my underclothes off in front of everyone in the room. Father Sean O’Brien then proceeded to tell the nurse to administer more drugs to me in my leg via a needle and Father Sean O’Brien folded his arms and turned around as he was watching the television, he said I did not see a thing. I woke up about 6 or 7 hours later in a basement at St Joseph's Hospital handcuffed to a bed with tingling sensations in my genitals and legs and was forced to stay in their mental facility for several days. 26 September 2023  
Lille Poppit-krieger Pray for Richard, to ease his anxieties, give him a peace that surpasses all understanding. Stop his nightmares, break the chains of addiction and pray for renewed health. Lift the veil, Lord, so he can see you clearly, help him to trust fully in you, give him hope and strength. Cast out all anger, pride and unforgiveness. Pray for his trial with his ex-wife. Pray for a just and fair resolution and that the judge truly listens. He is a self-represented litigant and struggling. His ex is out for revenge and wants his money. The two children have suffered. Pray for his ex‘s and children’s salvation, soften their hearts and turn them away from their anger, resentment and misinformation, help them see the truth of their beliefs, show them Jesus in a way that is undeniable to give God the glory. Give Richard clarity of mind, trust and protection from the enemy. Prayer for employment resolution. 24 September 2023  
Zoran JESUS I TRUST IN YOU 24 September 2023  
Dawson Please pray for my wife CJ. She is struggling with restless arm syndrome symptoms which are affecting her sleep. We are hoping it's a simple resolution such as iron deficiency and not neurological. Please pray for wisdom and healing. Thanks 23 September 2023  

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