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tracy I would like pray to know what God would like me to do. I have an opportunity to assist in co-ordinating our Homeless Persons Ministry at church. I believe I have a heart for the homeless and marginalised in our community. I work full time and my husband is almost totally blind. I am concerned that I may not have what it takes to do this ministry. Thank you for your prayers. Tracy 19 July 2018  
Wil Please pray for my daughter that she will do well in her new job and have a happy life in her new flatting situation. That she may heal from the relationship difficulties with her father. That she may get to know our Heavenly Father and grow and develop her Faith. Amen 19 July 2018  
NORA please ask god day after day IN THE HOLY ROSARY to make that venezuela´s president comprehend and learn that he has to find the solutions of the concerns of all venzuelan people ( hiperinflacion, cash in the banks, public transportation, the low salaries, electricity, water, gas ) please ask god to make him get out to all those whom are not helping him to solve the problems ( the secretaries, and the president of venezuela central bank ) and ask god to let him look for the BEST economists and engeneers that do might help him ( from the oposition ) 18 July 2018  
AR PRIVATE/NOT FOR POSTING…thank you : ) Prayer Request for Future Wedding Would you be so kind as to help with prayers for my future wedding. May my future spouse heal enough so we can make it up to the altar. Aside from the obvious reasons for prayers I am also asking that this be a light for my family and our close friends who lost our beautiful mother recently. I know she has been working up from above, but they could really use this light. I also ask for prayers to get my home prepared for family, escially my father (a home for him where he won’t need to be alone after having lost his lifetime partner and best friend our mother) and of course future spouse. Thank you so much for this prayer help since I have to admit I am completely overwhelmed with it all and with out Divine help I am not moving fast enough to get it all done as hard as I am trying. And most importantly prayers for the repose of our beautiful mother’s soul…thank you much! God bless… PS Forgive is this comes twice but if it does that means it still needs prayers. Thanks a million!!! 18 July 2018  
Anna Aiomata I need prayers for Gods will and purpose in my life in reality please. 17 July 2018  
frances Can you please pray urgently that my mother will not feel so depressed. That she will not worry and trust in loving heavenly Father and be happy. That I will be join my parents by July and live with them permanently with the baby and be reunited with them urgently. That I will be talk to a good priest who will advice us correctly. That the priest will be guided by the Holy Sprit how to advice and resolve our problem. That the priest will be non-partial, honest and be helpful and help AN and me resolve our many problems. That my parents will be healed from all illnesses and be blessed with good health, peace of mind, happiness and they will be protected and be blessed in Jesus name. Amen 11 July 2018  
annette I am extremely stressed out regarding my issues, please help. My son to start working, stop playing video games, do extremely well in his career, he finds right girl in his life so they can be happy and prosperous together, he is 34 years. It taking toll on my husband and me. The second issue is for my business sell very quickly, meanwhile do well so it will look attractive to the buyer, I cannot take this pressure, I am 68 years old I am too stressed out, suffering physically, mentally and emotionally tired and I don't know where else to turn, and I am so sorry to be asking again and again, but I am end of my rope. 7 July 2018  
Tanya Dear Sisters Please pray for this depression to lift and that I may find something to live for and for me to try change my life although at present it seems insurmountable.I am going to go back to drinking and drugs as sobriety hasn’t done me any favours...never been lonelier or sadder...feel forsaken and like the biggest loser...please pray and just want thank you all because you have prayed for me for years!Bless you Sisters!Thanks again 30 June 2018  
Jonathan Carr Protection from evil spirits 28 June 2018  
Bernadette Sisters, today I went to lunch with my friend Lyn, the 1st time in months. She doing well & her chemotherapy is down to a half hour once a week. It felt like old times. Thank God & yourselves for your prayers for her. 28 June 2018  
Gerry William

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29 September 2016  

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