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RA Protection from sister, brother and stepfather. She is trying to destroy me the sister in her malice and jealousy. They are all answerable under the fullest extent of the law. 22 April 2021  
RA Fostok - the cat is rescued found quickly and returned alive and well to his owners. The man who took him is answerable under the fullest extent of the law. 22 April 2021  
Alfred Brown Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for Eric's conversion and salvation. Please ask God to give Eric the grace to turn to Jesus Christ, repent, and be saved!!! May Eric find his faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ. 20 April 2021  
Jonathan Carr Healing and deliverance 19 April 2021  
Tracye Dockett Prayer request for favor, no weapon formed against me shall prosper and protection from evil/harm. 18 April 2021  
Xavier Please pray for conversion and salvation of Ms. Santana Vaz, Ms. Emelia Conceisao, Ms. Maria Dias, Ms. Marietta Correia and Ms. Connie Correia 16 April 2021  
Derek Gerard Solomon Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon I’m suffering Persecution St Michael Archangel protect us INRI IHS Father Son Holy Ghost Amen 13 April 2021  
Estrella Borromeo Here I am once again; BEGGING PRAYERS for my father, Ramon S. Borromeo Sr, 80 years old. .; who has a cardio pulmonary obstructive disease. That having a very hard time on his condition, creating additional pain on his lower right back of his shoulder and in front of his right chest. He hardly breaths as he walks a little, his taking his oxygen 24 hours already. Please I'm begging for prayers - please please... to at least give him comfort, i may understand that his illness is there already. Just please - give him comfort to at least move his body, walk at least inside the house, take a bath, drink his meds. His having a hard time on his stomach also and can't sleep at night. I really don't know exactly on what and how to pray already for God to hear my prayers. ESPECIALLY THAT HE SHOULD NOT ACQUIRE THE COVID and Tuberculosis as i know he will not overcome it...please spare my family. please.. i am begging that we could surpass this covid having papa this kind of illness. He has pneumonia right now, im begging it's not covid. And to spare all my siblings and my son who take takes of my father too. Aldrin Borromeo Navarro, Rogelio Borromeo, Ramon Borromeo Jr., Dominador Dela Cruz and I, Estrella Borromeo. Please teach me wisdom on what to do. Give me strength on this kind of trials - that I can handle it spiritually, emotional and financially. I beg through Christ and claim an answered prayer. Amen. (Thank you for your prayers.. Thank you) 12 April 2021  
Bill and Carol THE CROSS, EASTER, ASCENSION DAY... 2021 SPRING 2021,2020'S.....ETERNAL REST! URGENT PRAYER REQUEST! Wishing all the Community a peaceful Year. Somehow by the grace of God and your prayers we are still standing. We are more determined than ever to pray! To enter His eternal rest and trust that out of that rest will come His will for everything. All that matters now is His perfect will. In the end only love remains. Our Broken Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day and Night for His Mercy and Peace! Dear Sisters and Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying! Thank you for praying with all of us daily during this terrible dark time(2020'S,,) in world history! Just know we are praying with you daily. Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2021,2022… or as long as possible? For God's Mercy, Healing and Protecting Peace in these turbulent times. Please pray with us for our personal(Broken Hearts and Lives) recovery. God's Healing and Protecting Peace. Still recovering from the loss of our only son and other sorrows and hardships then and Now! Please pray!! Daily Prayer(2021,2022..??) Long Term? PLEASE IF POSSIBLE? Can you pass on our Urgent Prayer Request on to Prayer Groups, Convents,Monasteries,Parishes and Others you know of the Worldwide Community of Prayer? Long Term? 2020's Communities(Women and Men) of Prayer? We will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer! In His Eternal Rest. Bill and Carol. oh. use 11 April 2021  
Vera Please pray for my unborn child. I already have a little son after a difficult pregnancy and two devastating miscarriages before that. I pray that all is well now. Thank you so much and God bless you! 8 April 2021  
Ginnie Please pray for a healing miracle for my twin Ian, who is battling spinal cancer, he has fought cancer for two years, and I humbly ask that the Divine Father heal Ian completely..Thank you Lord Jesus, thank y you Holy Spirit beloveds 7 April 2021  
Raajiv Prasad Please kindly pray I get general registration and have a future career as a doctor so I can serve the community and God better. Thank you. 6 April 2021  
Ruby Please pray for someone very special to me, Angus, he is struggling with many things internally which led to the breakdown of our relationship. Please pray for him to get through his issues and to get support, so we can go back to how we used to be. Please pray for our relationship to be restored and for us to love each other again and for our relationship to be stronger and way better than before. Please pray for the both of us. God Bless. 4 April 2021  
sue in memory of all our loved ones 2 April 2021  
Estrella Borromeo Being a solo parent - I begging prayers for my only son, ALDRIN BORROMEO NAVARRO to stay healthy always , be spared with covid, be a God fearing person as he grow in his manhood, may the holy spirit send him wisdom to choose his correct path on his studies, be with real friends around and soon to be a successful person, may he marry a God fearing woman someday with great kids. AND may GOD SEND HIMD STRUGGLES THAT HE CAN HANDLE with His guidance. May he be a humble and grateful person. Thank you so much. 2 April 2021  
Alan Demascus Please pray that, by divine Grace, Alan is healed of his psychosis, which is very distressing for him. Thank you very much. 31 March 2021  

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