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Ralph Kershler Please prayer for the repose of the soul of 16 year old school boy Robbie, who took his own life this week. The family are close friends of ours 13 August 2020  
Sandra goh moissinac Dear Father God, Jesus, please heal me in all areas , especially mentally and also physically and spiritually. Heal my husband also physically, mentally and spirituality. Please do not ever let us be ever separated from you Jesus and from Father God. Guide us in thy purpose for us each day. Teach, lead, help, support,protect and provide for us daily. Use us as in st francis Assisi prayer. Thank you FATHER God, Jesus. After this life, May you please take us home to be with you dear Lord Jesus in heaven. Amen 12 August 2020  
Wendy Sweet Jesus, you know the mistake I have made . Please help thus situation. X 11 August 2020  
Margi Please prayer for my dear friend, Dianna, whose sister and son in law are both dying. 10 August 2020  
Wendy Father, I'm scared it's cancer. I'm at times overwhelmed by the fear of DB stricking again. Please show me and my weary heart how to cope, how to love and find the joy again. And Lord bless my kids. bless all who need ouf prayers. Please be between me and others as we talk or work. Thank you for the many blessings I have. Your W 9 August 2020  
Larry W Dear Lord make me strong, give me the willingness to suffer, keep me humble, and willing to stay the course. Increase in me virtue against the amount of temptation I am suffering. Heal my heart and body and give me a soul of grace and love to put up a great and awesome fight against and resistant to evil. I had an interview for a job on Friday and should know this week. Please bless the results. I also have a cracked molar that the endontist said needs to be extracted. Please bless this procedure on August 17 and keep me from infection and to heal quickly. In Jesus name amen. Thank you. 9 August 2020  
Rob Please help me to humbly pray for deliverance and healing in the Lives of Marcos de Souza Lima, Iranice Tavares & Maria de Nazare & Michele Rios; may they be guided by the Holy Spirit. And that my Job and my Life, and the lives of Fátima Rodrigues and my Mother, can be blessed and protected by the Grace of Our Lord. In the name of Jesus, amen. Thank you! 7 August 2020  
Ryan Salais Hey my name is Ryan Salais and I am suffering from demonic opression. I am working my parish priest and the chief exorcist of the archdiocese of Denver. The enemy keeps hurting my back pray for protection freedom justice healing and my faith. Please also pray for my families protection. Please also pray for a situation in which I was falsely accused. Lastly I’m going to bible school pray for favor. thanks God bless - I love you guys 6 August 2020  
Erin Bremford For my friend Yvonne who is undergoing lifesaving rare surgery next Wednesday at Auckland hospital. Blessings and much love to you all dear sisters. Erin Bremford. 5 August 2020  
Antonella I ask for prayer for my mom, for her fatigued heart and her fractured leg that is struggling to regain full functionality and for her spine. Pray also for my physical recovery and for my whole family. May God give us peace, harmony and mutual love and free us from the diabolical machinations and wickedness of the people. Our Mother Mary come quickly to our help, obtain for all of us the forgiveness of sins and all those graces and material help that we need. Holy Spirit bestow upon us all your holy gifts. Thank you 4 August 2020  
Jan Please pray for Adrian's bowel cancer surgery and other investigations and for good recovery. Also for my recovery from surgery. Thank you. 4 August 2020  
Susan Please pray that I may have Gods healing, do I may feel well again and have peace of mind. Thank you. 3 August 2020  
Simone Please pray for world issues. HEBREW, ARAMAIC and ENGLISH. WORK, MINISTRY and Church. Pastors and all positions. Finances. Going home well. Retaining youth. Looking like JEHOVAH. Super models. Perfect form and shape, all things like it. Love, AhaVa. Able to have children. Marriage. All things JEHOVAH loves prayer for. Thanks JEHOVAH love you all. 3 August 2020  
Rose Parsons Can you please pray for my daughter Fiona who has carpel tunnel in right hand and is in a lot of pain. God bless you Rosemarie 2 August 2020  
Wendy Dear Lord, you know Rod and how giving and caring he's is. Lord he, like many others needs work. A job that uses all his skills and abilities. 2 August 2020  
Ruth Anne Please pray for safe pain free passing for Pamela Mayance. She goes with God & to heaven. She knows her daughters adore her & protect us from abusive Stepfather & brother. 31 July 2020  

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