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Wendy Dear Lord, you know and love Leonie, Grant her your peace during this time and bring her home. 7 June 2023  
Amanda Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am reaching out to request your prayers. Since graduating college in 2015, I have faced challenges in my career. Unfortunately, I have been chronically underemployed or unemployed since 2016, only finding low-wage and unengaging jobs. In that year, I had to resign from my job due to feeling unsafe in the work environment. Since then, I have been caught in a cycle of searching for the perfect job where I can feel secure and financially stable. I apologize for the rant, but I am in desperate need of guidance. I am seeking a clear path, a sign, or an open door that will lead me to the next step in my life. I am asking for your prayers and support in finding the path that God wants me to follow. I have made progress in terms of my physical health, having gained weight but now working towards losing it, as well as my mental health, as I have overcome a suicide attempt four years ago. Your prayers for me to find God's intended path for my life, and to secure a fulfilling and meaningful job, would mean the world to me. Thank you for your support. 7 June 2023  
Deepak Dey Please pray, by the mercy, grace and blessings of the almighty Lord, may there be complete healing of my psychotic illness. Thank you. 7 June 2023  
Maria I ask for prayers for myself as I am a prisoner of obsessive compulsive disorder for so many years and it is not only a heavy cross for me but also for my parents and brother. I consume too much disinfectants, water, gas, weighing on the family economic situation, which is already not well-off. It's right now that my father is struggling with cancer and I'm not helping him, because because of this he doesn't have the peace of mind that he should have at this moment, already difficult for him. On the contrary, I feel responsible for his worsening, because perhaps by giving him various problems he has been nervous and I fear that this state has caused the body not to react to treatment. I ask you to pray for her physical and spiritual healing and so that we can soon find a house to rent, which we have been looking for a year but cannot find any. 7 June 2023  
John Walker Dear kind friends, We need prayers and masses for the following intentions: 1. memory problem; 2. dislocation of bones; 3. Sanae: brain injury; 4. sexual problem; 5. cure my myopia; 6. lack of sleep; 7. Sanae: health, strong faith and protection; 8. Sanae: a happy marriage for me; 9. Sanae: healthy, kind and inteligent children; 10. help me when I grow old or fall sick and when I die; 11. Sanae: master and doctorate degree; 12. Sanae: interchange in England, France, Italy, Germany and Japan; 13. Lara, her father and Lorraine: punishment for work exploitation; (justice) 14. Paulo César, Régis and Patrícia loira: alchoholic problem; 15. Yoko and Tsuyoshi: punishment (justice) 16. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families, 17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church; 18. Romaria pilgrimage; 19. Sonia: job 20. good tenant 21. Sanae: financial problem. Job: supermarket Thank you for kindness, John Walker. 6 June 2023  
Charlotte Lam Please help to request God to heal my daughter, Charlotte, 12 years old, and diagnosis with profound SNHL (hearing loss) in both ears, almost deaf. She cannot hear high frequency and even cannot hear the full sentence of what people said. Hearing aids cannot help. She is struggling and not going to school as she cannot listen and communicate or listen to Gospel/ Prayers/ songs. We think it is the dump and deaf spirit inside of her (she could see ghosts when she was young around 3-4 years old). We could not find any reason causing her hearing loss after MRI/CT scan. We don't know what to do. I (as a.mum) told her only God can heal her. I showed her many miracles nowadays that many deaf were healed same as what Jesus did. Please help to pray for her. 6 June 2023  
j heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart,. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. 6 June 2023  
Grace        I humbly ask for prayer for John and Grazyna's healing from diseases of the eyes, bones and spine, for guidance in treatment, good doctors. For strength and courage to do research for Grazyna and proper professional work. In the intention of liberation from the difficult situation in the neighborhood. For the soul we have Jane and godmother Jola                        4 June 2023  
Hrvoje Please offer a million masses untill God and all of the saints unite in ending the abuse of children in any way. That God rebuke Satan and hold children in His arms and protect them and delieveer and bless them with the best life and heal them . Also that God and heavenly court save children and Mothers from abortion In Jesus name i ask request this masses Holy Mother bless this intention and present it to Holy oltar at the Highest Throne of Allmighty you who are worthy of being Jesus s Mother. Thank you Mary , thank You Holy Trinity ,thank you all saints and all angels. Alelluya Christ has risen and Christ has conquer Thank You my Lord for answering those prayers You have heard us and You have delievered children and heal them and bless their life with abundace Thank you and God bless you all abundantly 3 June 2023  
Kelly Please pray for my sister Shivaun in ICU. Healing and peace. Please pray for courage and strength and grace at this time. Thanks be to God. Thank you Sisters. Wish I could sit with you Sr Hilda and share your wisdom and light with my family. 3 June 2023  
Klara Vita Dear kind friends, We need prayers and masses for the following intentions: 1. Africa; 2. Middle East; 3. to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital; 4. dysfunctional families; 5. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families; 6. Brazilian public schools; 7. Brazilian election; 8. Brazilian slum; 9. help me when I grow old, fall sick and when I die; 10. working people rights; 11. schizophrenic people; 12. prevent Sanae lose of mental control when she can not go to the church; 13. Sanae (in the present and future): goodness, kindness, wisdom, strong faith, compassion, QI18, cure gift, strong eyes, children literature writing skill, cure gift, independence, best family, Dom Wilson gift, religious vocation, Denmark; 14. Daniel: lack of control, obsession, adiction, "blowing" and intrigue punishment. 15. Elisabeth Fritzl and children; 16. cats "Loirinha", machinho and "Coloridinha"; 17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church; 18. Yoshio and Erika: let me have the house 19. Sanae: financial problem job: supermarket Thank you for your kindness, Klara Vita. 2 June 2023  
Simone Please pray for businesses, finances. All of us made new LORD GOD. TEACHINGS from all those You ABBA love, given freely and payed for. Governments. YESHUA's second coming. Prayer for YESHUA and ABBA. Higher than HOT. SPIRIT US. FRIENDS. EDUCATION. LOVE. Memories. Learning super quick from YESHUA and ADONAI. Prayer about everything. Thank You EL SHADDAI love you all. 1 June 2023  
April Asking God to save Clint soon, so he can be the man he chose for me. In Jesus’ name I ask, amen. 1 June 2023  
Erica Ruggerio Please pray for my daughter Anella Rose, asking God to grant her the miracle of sobriety, from drugs, today and every day, as long as she lives. May he wrap her in his light and love, protect her from evil, and heal her body, mind and soul. May Anella Rose accept his help and embrace sobriety. Into your hands O Lord, I entrust my daughter. May your will be done. In Jesus Name I Pray. 31 May 2023  
Zoran JESUS THANK YOU 30 May 2023  
Winnie I have prayer request for my 2nd upcoming job interview as an Account Development Representative (ADR) for or Google and Mandiant solutions.  The interview is scheduled on Friday, June 2nd , at 10 am with Louis Tague, the GM of at Mandiant Australia and New Zealand (now part of Google Cloud). I ask for your divine favor to be upon me during this crucial meeting. Grant me the confidence, wisdom, and clarity of mind to effectively present myself and showcase my abilities. Please fill my heart with peace, relieving any anxiety or nervousness that may hinder my performance. I always has deep desire to be back to Cyber Security software space 30 May 2023  

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