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esrella borromeo Please pray for my brother, RAMON ANTONIO BORROMEO, JR.,58 years old. single, please send forth thy healing unto his body, mind and heart. We don't know what's going on his body as he is slowly getting thin. He got pains, getting cold inside. I am begging for his healing, not only for his body but also for his mind and heart. I pray that everything is normal on his body. Have mercy. Almighty Father, please hear us. Please raise Ramon Antonio Borromeo, Jr. , we raise up him with You. In Jesus name. AMEN. Thank you. Thank you so much if you'll include him in your prayers. 28 October 2021  
susan Jamieson Please say a prayer for Marty who is in hospital with throat cancer; may he have every grace and blessing ; thank you so much Susan 28 October 2021  
Callie Jo Slattery May I please receive prayers for many miracles, falsely accused facing a death sentence. 27 October 2021  
susan Jamieson Please pray for the repose of the souls of William and Paula and their parents who are grieving ; William's Dad William and Paula's Mum Diane; thank you so much 26 October 2021  
Derek Gerard Solomon Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon My Teeth are Giving Problems St Michael Archangel protect us St Michael Archangel protect us 26 October 2021  
Anne Please help me find peace and healing from depression and anxiety. Please help me find a clear way to manage those with my younger child and bring peace of mind and healing to us both 25 October 2021  
pilar I ask that my friend (Julio Falcon) after the time he has requested me, I can be his girlfriend, fiancee and future wife. May we both form a family in the image of the holy family of Nazareth. 24 October 2021  
Lucia Isone I ask for prayers to overcome difficulties in the family, at work and to make important decisions. 24 October 2021  
Raajiv Please pray that I get a doctor internship job as soon as possible so that I can serve the community and God better. Thank you. 24 October 2021  
Wendy Dear Sisters please pray for me as I struggle with a job I find increasingly stressful. I want to be an instrument of peace and joy there. However the fact is that I continually fail at it and although I know can't leave, it aches and I dread going. Ask the dear Lord to guide my thoughts, words and actions toward his work in this toxic environment. Thank you my dear sisters. 24 October 2021  
Zoran JESUS I TRUST IN YOU 22 October 2021  
RHONDA KINSELA Please continue to pray for my daughter Elizabeth who after good results from her bone marrow transplant is back in St Vincent's Hospital seriously ill and for her brother, Michael, her donor, who is struggling to regain his health - Lord graciously hear our prayers. 21 October 2021  
Rie torel Please pray for immediate healing of my daughter Devyn that all the acne and bumps will be gone and cleared from her face now, no new acne will form, for her hormones to be balanced, and for her to have good gut health to keep her face smooth and acne free now,especially when she will be with JH soon. Please pray that JH goes to a small lower division school so he will be near Devyn. Please pray that Devyn and JH will have a future together, work out their relationship issues together, be attracted only to each other, be faithful to each other and please have their schools, careers, circumstances, priorities, love for each other, happiness, friends, families, trust and attraction for each other continue to keep their relationship strong, grow and be successful together.    20 October 2021  
Barbara Please pray that the one I love comes back to me 19 October 2021  
Tracey Ann Laing I request prayer for the salvation of myself, my father John Laing, and Michael Keaton. Blessings Tracey 19 October 2021  
a. Please pray that good people donate $ 1,200 to a poor rural charity M.P. to pay off debts during this difficult pandemic. thanks 19 October 2021  

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