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Resmi C. Gomez O Lord Jason Allen Alexander who is Lord Lucifer who is Lord Omega, O Holy Trinity One Holy Lord, I pray for Lord Jason’s intentions regarding Lord Jason’s good health. Amen. 18 November 2019  
R Dear Sisters Praying with you for all affected by the fires and thanking God for our wonderful firefighters. I also ask for your prayers for my family. The children are sick, and I too am ill having been in hospital. I am trying so very hard to help and be the best dad possible. Please pray for the speedy recovery of all. God bless you sisters and thank you as always for your prayers. 15 November 2019  
Mary Tiutiunnik Please pray for Hannah Plevey that she may know God`s love for her . 14 November 2019  
Pericles Bernard Dumdum Cabarrubias Pericles Bernard Dumdum Cabarrubias Candidacy for Profession - December 8, 2019 Sts. Francis and Clare Fraternity OFS Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis Poor Clare Monastery Cebu, Philippines For Justice in Court, Loving God and Father our hearts cry out for justice, for fairness, for equality, for restoration. Come, come into this courtroom MTCC 2 of Presiding Judge Dakila Dante U. Barcenas when trial shall proceed on November 18, 2019 and December 2, 2019 for the prosecution to present and terminate its evidence and February 3, 2020 and March 9, 2020 for the defense to present and terminate its evidence at 8:30 o' clock in the morning in Cebu, Philippines with us Defense Counsel Atty. Cedric Deiparene, Defendant Pericles Bernard Dumdum Cabarrubias and older sister Fides Marie Dumdum Cabarrubias-Uy. Come Holy Spirit presence yourself amongst us and within us as we seek to be understood. Reveal the truth, throw light on the darkest places to bring justice. Protect us from the lies of the enemy that seek to pull us down and guard our hearts from anything that creates fear in our lives. Lord, we stand on holy ground. Thank you that we are adopted into your family. Thank you that no matter what happens we are secure and safe within your love and grace. So we go boldly into this criminal trial knowing you are with us, and will lead us through this time with your hand in ours. Amen. Arraignment and Pre-Trial Order in Cebu City, Philippines at MTCC 2 of Presiding Judge Dakila Dante U. Barcenas when arraigned October 7, 2019 duly assisted by Defense Counsel Atty. Cedric Deiparene I pleaded not guilty to the offense charged for Theft, and trial shall proceed on November 18, 2019 and December 2, 2019 for the prosecution to present and terminate its evidence and February 3, 2020 and March 9, 2020 for the defense to present and terminate its evidence at 8:30 o' clock in the morning. Ps 35:23-24 Awake, be vigilant in my defense, in my cause, my God and my Lord. Defend me because you are just, Lord; my God, do not let them rejoice over me. Ita. Dèstati, svègliati per il mio giudizio, per la mia causa, Signore mio Dio. Giudicami secondo la tua giustizia, Signore mio Dio, e di me non abbiano a gioire. Lat. Exsurge et evigila ad iudicium meum, Deus meus et Dominus meus, ad causam meam. Iudica me secundum iustitiam tuam, Domine Deus meus, et non supergaudeant mihi. 43:1 Grant me justice, O God; defend me from a faithless people; from the deceitful and unjust rescue me. Ita. Fammi giustizia, o Dio, difendi la mia causa contro gente spietata; liberami dall'uomo iniquo e fallace. Lat. Iudica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta; ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me. 12 November 2019  
Liliana Mirtha Suriguez May St. Joseph fill the Catholics with blessings. May Saint Joseph fill the mentally ill with blessings. May Saint Joseph fill the Bertoya Suriguez family with blessings. 10 November 2019  
ROB R Please pray with me for Emily Parks, I place the Holy Name of Jesus upon Emily's life, I hold her before the Face of Our loving God that He may grant the Grace & Peace of the holy spirit in her heart that she can grow next to God. Our Lady pray for us, amen. Thank you! 8 November 2019  
Andrew Tomanelli Hello My name is andrew and I ask you kindly to please pray for my wife carmela marziliano Tomanelli and I in the hope that we are worthy of Jesus mercy to obtain for us the grace from the Heavenly Father to free us from the many mediums psychics who just won't stop invoking inserting all there evil intentional works in and between our eyebrows and center of our foreheads our temples temporal bones temporal muscles temporal lobes top of our heads foreheads right and left sides of our heads back of our heads our neck shoulders hearts chest breastbone hands arms palms wrists right and left sides of our abdomen navel pelvic bone genitaliia lower back spinal cord top of our feet legs feet soles and all that they control torment weaken persecute us by all spirits spirits of the world spiritual world spirits of nature spirits of the deads evil entities evil eyes evil spiritual forces evil forces all psychic forces there black magic voodoo curses and spells spiritual and psychic attacks and make us live in anger rage agitation nervousness agony pain sufferings and sin judge for there sake and all that they invoke evil forces evil spirits inside and outside our home 5462 San remo Saint leonard and our vehicule we forgive and forgave them all and hope that the good lord liberates us from them all and all there evil spiritual works spiritual warfare and spiritual evil forces that they have us attached to for so many years and who do not cease to seek the ruin destruction of our lives health well being sanity peace love freedom liberty and matrimony I ask to please keep my prayer confidential thank you God bless you all 8 November 2019  
Alex Please pray for the Stella Maris schools in Malaysia that God will provide all the spiritual, physical & human resources needed so that the schools will fulfill their mission according to His will. May these schools flourish with a genuine Catholic ethos and character. 8 November 2019  
Derek Gerard Solomon Please Pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon St Michael Archangel Protect us Amen IHS 5 November 2019  
MATHEW HRYCYK I mainly say A Pray for Real Friends. I pray for Friends for my Alone Life now. I pray for My Family Connections are Protected in Grace Peace. I ask For A Real Friend. I say this with Open God Unity Amen/ 2 November 2019  
MATHEW HRYCYK I ask for Pray for my Disconnected Fragmented Community. I ask For Pray for a Spiritual Blessing to fall upon my Disconnected Community. I ask for a Pray for Everyone most people get along in my Local Community. I Pray That I ask For. That All My Most of All Neighbours: get along with one another. I ask for Pray for Light. To fill the Dark Patches in my Community. I ask for The Light To Fall Upon in Real Direction for Unity Strength Confidence. I also Ask For Pray For Light For All My Family Members as well. My A God Love Peace. I say Amen. Thankyou. Light Hope Peace Strength Unity Love. 2 November 2019  
Kitty I would like to ask for your prayers that God may restore love, peace, forgiveness, and kindness between me and Godwin so that we may resume working towards marriage. I ask for His miracle that Godwin will come around and contact me soon and I promise to help aid in his conversion. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you with good health and multiply you in numbers to continue being the light to us, lost and broken souls.  31 October 2019  
Wendy Dear Lord, i offer to your loving kindness all involved in the incident. Touch our hearts with your goodness and help us to know your presence in our lives each and every moment. 30 October 2019  
Wendy Dear Lord this night I pray for Bill as he prepares to come home to you. Also for all involved I he bus incident. Also for all those whom I work with . Lastly for Glenn and his health. You know all that we need so dear Lord head my prayers. Wendy 30 October 2019  
Temur Please pray for me. . I have severe depression. No job, no savings. I need a miracle. 28 October 2019  
Tanya Please pray for my son,Caleb.He has bad anxiety OCD due to his upbringing and is lonely and sad.He has no friends and would dearly like some but his anxiety stops that.Please believe with God for me for my son to be able manage his OCD and that we find right meds and also for him to have some nice friends,and for him to be happy.Thanks 27 October 2019  

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