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Monica Thank you Jesus, Praise you Mighty God, Come Lord Jesus, Come Holy Spirit, Come Spirit of Jesus, Come Holy One...thank you for my daughter Katie. Please keep her in your care, help her in her life and her choices. Give her purpose and direction. Bring peace and hope to her heart. I ask you in a particular way to help her find work. Thank you Jesus 19 November 2018  
Agne Cicine Please pray for my complete healing my family and my pregnancy thank you 17 November 2018  
Grażyna God bless !!! Through the intercession of Our Lady , I humbly pray for the healing of Grażyna and her parents, 16 November 2018  
Kacper Please pray for my recovery 14 November 2018  
Karen Cross My daughter Amelia Eckert was run over the first day of work 18 mths ago,now her 1st deliverance of prayer has a overwhelming blessing to her.l thank our Lord. 13 November 2018  
Tanya Cat Please pray for soulmate and for healing in my body and that I may know His Will and for miracles to happen 12 November 2018  
Agnr Please pray for my complete healing my son Adomas husband Sarunas and my pregnancy thank you 12 November 2018  
frances Thank and praise God for all the blessings I have received and that my Tests were normal. Can you please pray urgently that my parents will not feel so depressed. That I will get a letter urgently from the Doc confirming that I am in good health and that I can travel safely without a problem for myself and baby inside me. That my parents will not worry and trust in loving heavenly Father and be happy. That I will be join my parents urgently and live with them permanently with the baby and be reunited with them urgently. That my child and I will be able to fly with M&B without a problem. That I will not have any problems and have a good, safe flight and that I will arrive in my country safely with M,B and my child. That I will be able to urgently find a good priest who will be guided by the Holy Spirit on how to advice and resolve our problem. That the priest will be non-partial, honest and be helpful and help AN and me resolve our many problems in a christ like way. That my parents will be healed from all illnesses and be blessed with good health, peace of mind, happiness and they will be protected and be blessed in Jesus name. That An or his family will not try to stop me from going and that my Doc will also confirm in writing that I am fit to travel. That I will be able to organize the the trip successfully and that I will be to travel home safely without a problem for me, baby to be born or my toddler. Praise and thank God.Amen 12 November 2018  
Bere Blessings! Please I ask your help in prayer for Carmen. She has a sword in her soul because her daughter was killed violently. Please pray for Mexico because they need to understand that more blood will never change their lives. Other son of God dying is not a good sign although Satan promises it and tell them. Thank you very much Jesus Christ! Thank you brothers and sisters! God bless you! 10 November 2018  
Heather Kerr Please hold Bridge for Peace Australia in prayer as we go to the US on mission. 8 November 2018  
Shahana Yasmin Please pray very hard so that we win the case against the land grabbing Municipality in the court of law in Kolkata High Court and they fall flat on their face on the feet of Lord Jesus, Amen , Shahana 7 November 2018  
Xavier Correia Please pray for repose of souls of 1) Joseph Conceisao, 2) Cherian Eapen, 3) Fredy Noronha, 4) Peter Correia, 5) Leonora Correia, 6) Lilia Conceisao, 7) Aleixo Silva 8) Esperansa Rego, 9) Celine Dias 10) Leo Correia, 11) Victoria Conceisao 12) Mary Eapen 4 November 2018  

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