Community life is an important guiding principle in the Rule of St Benedict. It sets out the way we seek God – living together and seeing Christ in each one of our sisters.

We choose to live together so we can support and inspire one another, and share the joys, challenges and sorrows of everyday life. St Benedict encourages us to behave towards each other with respect and love, always trying to do what is better for others rather than for ourselves. However, he was also a realist about the frailties of human nature and he knew that we often fail. We believe that it is by continuing to live together, learning to accept each other’s faults and weaknesses, as well as our own, that we grow in the love of God.


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Meet some of the community
Click here to see some of the friendly faces of our Community.
Local Community
Click here to see photos of a concert, held in our local parish of Albion Park, to pray for Fr David Catterall’s healing.
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Overseas Visitors
Click here to see a selection of photos of
our Community welcoming our Benedictine
friends from overseas.
Friends in Australia
Click here to see a selection of images of our Commmunity welcoming just a few of our friends in Australia.
Benedictine Union Friends
Click here to see a selection of images of our Commmunity welcoming some of our Benedictine Union friends to Jamberoo