Abbey Retreat Programs



Walking with Jesus
(Day Retreat) 17 Feb 2024
The Easter story culminates in the joy of Resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. Our Lenten retreat day invites you to reflect on how we will walk the Lenten journey, so that we are able to enter into the promise and joy of Easter morning. (Registration & More details…)
Borrowing Tomorrow
(Online) 18 Feb – 24 Mar 2024
The world is in crisis. It is critical that we take stock. Something new is happening and we need to be prepared. To assist in this preparation it is helpful to look within our own heart first of all and to clear away all that inhibits our capacity to trust, to change and to act. (Registration & More details…)
Praying with the Mystics
(Cottages) 23-25 Feb 2024
In the framework of Centering Prayer, this weekend retreat will pray with the mystics who teach us that it is when we return within that God is met. (Registration & More details…)


Praying with the Aramaic Jesus
(Cottages) 28-30 Jun 2024
In the framework of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina, this weekend retreat will explore, contemplate and pray with the Jesus who was Jewish, spoke Aramaic and was formed in a Middle Eastern culture. (Registration & More details…)


More retreat programs for 2024 are coming up soon.


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