High Horses, Scapegoats and Donkeys: A Lenten Odyssey Retreat

Dappled Grey Horse by Theodore Gericault

This retreat takes us into the realm of tears, the tears of compunction that St Benedict talks about in his chapter on Reverence in Prayer (RB 20). It is a calling forth of ourselves to a new and more authentic living; a dive into the deep; a naming of the truth of who we are before God.

Join us this Lent in a journey to look honestly into our heart and soul and to courageously identify that which blocks our capacity to draw closer to God, to dip our toe, even just a little, into the healing waters of the tears of compunction, and to experience the full warmth of those waters as we immerse ourselves more fully.


Sr Antonia osb will be your guide in this retreat.



Those experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us.


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