Borrowing Tomorrow

The world is in crisis. It is critical that we take stock. Something new is happening and we need to be prepared. To assist in this preparation it is helpful to look within our own heart first of all and to clear away all that inhibits our capacity to trust, to change and to act. It will be a journey to something new and challenging. This journey takes us through the landscapes of procrastination and resistance, of waiting healthily and of acting. We can often see Lent purely as a time of “giving up” something. It is rather a time for us to take an inner inventory of our lives and so if we could look at this journey from the point of view of “gift”, then it becomes more palatable.

We will be using the three elements of Lent: prayer, fasting and almsgiving with courage and energy in this retreat. The world needs us as never before to be leaders in our own little patch of this magnificent planet that is groaning in agony. A clean sweep of what holds us back is critical for the future of humankind. Borrowing from former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam we can say with confidence: Its time! time not just for each of us to open ourselves to the grace of conversion, but also time to take responsibility for our planet, for humankind as a whole, for all creation. Is it groaning in one great act of giving birth as St. Paul would say? Or is it groaning in one great act of dying?

Sr Antonia Curtis osb will be your guide in this retreat.


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