Formation and Education


After entering the Abbey the postulant shares in the life of the community and enters into the rhythm of prayer, lectio divina, work and leisure.

She will receive regular spiritual direction and also begin conferences on the Rule of St Benedict, our Constitutions and Monastic Values and Practices.

After a period of approximately twelve months, and following discussion with the Abbess and Director of Formation, the postulant may ask for admission to the Novitiate.


The novitiate marks the beginning of monastic life and normally lasts for two years.

This period is intended to continue the process of discernment begun in the postulancy. It will also clarify more specifically God’s call to the novice to follow Christ in our community and to strengthen her desire to respond to that invitation.

She continues regular spiritual direction and Conferences with the sisters in the Formation team.

Temporary Professed Sister

Towards the end of her novitiate, the novice may ask the Chapter to be admitted to temporary profession making the vows of Stability, Conversion of Life and Obedience, as traditionally understood to include celibacy and poverty.

Having made her temporary profession the sister enters upon a period of fuller sharing in community life. Her love of Christ encourages her to make increasingly sincere preparation for her self-giving to God and the community in solemn profession.

The sister will continue her monastic education during this period.

Solemnly Professed Sister

Total consecration to God and to the Church and her commitment to the community for life is made by the sister’s public profession of the monastic vows of Stability, Conversion of Life and Obedience.


Receive me, Lord, as you have promised and I shall live; do not
disappoint me in my hope.
(Ps 118 [119]:116) as quoted in RB58.21