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On the Journey to God

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Benedictine monastic spirituality has emerged as an antidote to the spiritual and cultural challenges facing people of faith today. In this book, the author focuses specifically on GRACE, and the benevolence of God as it expresses itself in many different ways along our spiritual journey. What is a person likely to experience when beginning to give up him or herself conscientiously to the spiritual journey? In this beautiful guide, gradually, we come to realize that everything that happens in our lives is somehow the gift of our loving Father.

Every journey is ultimately individual. As Casey explains, what you hear within your own spirit is more significant than what he can say. But his aim is to help you listen to the voice of God in your heart. Grace is so common that we rarely notice, says Michael Casey. This soon-to-be classic of the spiritual life shows how there is grace in discontinuity, in desire, even in temptation. Also, with grace comes faith, prayer, silence, and revelation to realise that everything happening in our lives is somehow the gift of our loving Father.

Michael Casey, OCSO, a monk of Tarrawarra Abbey in Australia has been a popular retreat leader and author of spiritual books for half a century.

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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