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A Spirituality of Communion

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Catholic spirituality faces a crisis. Catholics, like so many others, are searching for a sustaining spirituality — a way of living that expands our vision and enhances our lives. We focus on practices or techniques that we tailor to our own lives. We look inward. But how well do we connect our spiritual seeking with our experience of “church”?

The church in Catholic faith and sensibility is not a marginal or optional organization, something that “might” be helpful for our spiritual lives. It is sacrament and communion. It is where we live in in the Spirit, walk by the Spirit, allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit. Catholic spirituality is about more than inwardness. We are invited communally through the church to share our gifts with one another, to stay true to our call, to grow together, to bring Christ to the world.

Going to God together stems from Fr. Cameli’s conviction and attachment to the church, which is both a source of grace and a community in constant need of repentance.

Father Louis J. Cameli is director of ongoing formation of priests for the archdiocese of Chicago. He holds a doctorate in theology with a specialization in spirituality.

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