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The Lord Delights CD – Fr Paul Gurr O.Carm

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The Lord Delights CD – with selections from The Comforter by Fr Paul Gurr O.Carm

The Lord Delights with selections is a combination of the works by Fr Paul Gurr since 1981. A popular collection that contains the widely-used The Lord Is My Shepherd.

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  1. Prepare the Way
  2. The Lord Delights
  3. The Lord is My Shepherd
  4. Prayer of Abandonment
  5. Ask the Father
  6. It’s no Longer I
  7. A Quiet Heart
  8. Will You Love Me?
  9. You are the Joy
  10. I am your Child
  11. Bread that I Break
  12. You are the Ones
  13. Abide in Me
  14. Streams of Running Water
  15. Gentle in My Love
  16. The Comforter

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