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Cropped DVD The Abbey

The Abbey DVD

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Developed and produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2007.

Duration: 165 minutes

Subtitles: Yes

Five very different women live the life of an enclosed Benedictine nun over 33 days.

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Product Description

Five Australian women take up the challenge to live the life of a contemplative nun for 33 days and nights in an enclosed monastery.

From different backgrounds and with very different views about spirituality, these five women will live by the 1500 year-old Benedictine rule of Silence, Obedience and Renunciation. As well as their personal journeys, the women will learn what the spirit of community living is all about as they share the nuns’ lives of continuous prayer and work – cooking, cleaning, farm work and craft making.

Does this life hold any relevance to these contemporary Australian women? Will silence and prayer have the power to transform their lives? Will they discover what it is that keeps the nuns true to their vows or will they find it too hard a cross to bear?

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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