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Icon St Anne with Blessed Virgin Mary, Bust (A5)

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St Anne with Blessed Virgin Mary, Bust 9095

  • Size: A5 (14 x 20 cm)
  • Icon is made on 18mm Brown MDF Timber Panel with a bevelled edge and comes with a key hole at the back for hanging.

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Product Description

St. Anna was born of the priestly tribe of Levi, and lived a devout life as St. Joachim’s wife for 50 years, but remained childless. God heard their supplications and sent His Archangel Gabriel to give them the assurance that she would conceive and bear “a daughter most blessed….through whom will come the salvation of the world.” From them was born the Most Holy Virgin Mary. They raised the child until she was three when they brought her to the Temple in Jerusalem, where the Theotokos would dedicate herself to God alone.

Feast Days: 25th July, 9th September and 9th December

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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