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Cropped Icon Mother of God Vladimir

Mother Of God Icon – by Vladimir

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Mother Of God Icon – by Vladimir
  • High-quality print reproduction on solid wood (12 mm thick)
  • Size: 105 x 147 mm
  • Made in Germany

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Product Description

Product Description

This stunning Mother of God of Vladimir Icon, depicts Mary as the Θεοτόκος – the “God-bearer” – the Mother of God. This 5.9 x 4 inch icon is reproduction of a 12th-century Byzantine icon considered to be one of the most culturally significant and celebrated pieces of art in Russian history. This icon is indeed a perfect Christian gift for home chapels or devotional areas.

Icon Of The Mother Of God Of Vladimir

The Virgin of Vladimir, also known as Vladimir Mother of GodOur Lady of Vladimir and the Theotokos of Vladimir (Greek: Θεοτόκος του Βλαντίμιρ), The Russian people consider this icon to be a national palladium – that is, an efficacious symbol of the Virgin Mother’s protection of Russia. The Russian people have attributed to this icon several miracles of historical importance to Russia. Following its near destruction in the thirteenth century, the Mother of God of Vladimir Icon has been restored at least five times. The icon was painted by an unknown artist probably in Constantinople (now Istanbul). Sent as a gift to Kiev before being transferred to the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir, this icon is thought not to have left the city until 1395, when it was brought to Moscow to protect the city from an invasion. Certainly from the 16th century until the modern age, this icons was in the Dormition Cathedral is Moscow where it remained until it was moved to the State Tretyakov Gallery after the Russian Revolution. After an ownership dispute, it was finally relocated to the Church of Saint Nicholas in Tolmachi. The icon remains there today and is only accessible via an underground passage from the gallery to the church, where liturgies are still held.

Icon – Window To The Divine

Icons are traditionally seen as windows or conduits onto the divine; that is, they are beyond mere representation. Through the holiness of the iconographer and the power of the sacred within the pieces themselves, the soul that contemplates an icon is uplifted. This beautiful color icon print on solid wood makes a great centerpiece to any home or chapel, through its depiction of Mary the Mother of God. See the illuminating beauty yourself by bringing this affordable Orthodox icon print into your home or chapel.

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