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Universal Christ with Bronze Corpus and Glass in Multicolour Background

$ 120.00

Universal Christ with Bronze Corpus and Glass

  • Multi-colour background
  • 130 x 60 mm; 14 mm thick
  • Hangs easily on the wall
  • Made in Germany

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Universal Christ Cross with Bronze Corpus is simply exquisite:  a block of beveled glass which features a bronze crucified Christ. Evoking Celtic crosses, Christ’s crucified body hangs on a circle—symbol of eternity and reminder of His everlasting love. Measuring about 5 x 2.5 inches, this piece can easily be displayed in three ways:  hanging on the wall, standing freely in a niche or nook, lying flat on a table or desk as the most meaningful paperweight imaginable. The Universal Christ Cross with Bronze Corpus would look stunning in an entrance way or as a featured piece of art on any wall.

Divine Love in Technicolor

The four primary colors of yellowredblue, and green are prominently on display in the Universal Christ Cross with Bronze Corpus.  Yellow is the fiercely intense color of the blazing Sun, the created source of all life on our planet, which is itself the symbol of God who is THE Source of power, energy, heat, light, and therefore of all life. Red is the color of the fire of the Holy Spirit which burns quietly and steadily inside of all of creation, but especially in our hearts from which it can blaze forth brightly in our profession and acts of faith, hope, and love. Blue traditionally represents the theological virtue of faith – our deepest heartfelt response to God’s invitation to accept, live, and share God’s love lavishly and extravagantly with and for everyone and everything in God’s creation. Blue also evokes here the unfathomably infinite depths of the ocean which is God’s love. Green, the theological and liturgical color of hope, is also the color of creation, of the Garden of Eden, and of the fecund and lush layers of all created life on our planet. God is the Creator and Source of all of this life in all of its richness, complexity, and diversity.

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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