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Cropped New Beginning Broze Cross

New Beginning – Wall Bronze Cross

$ 47.00

Solid Bronze Wall Cross

79 x 99 mm

Made in Germany

Gift Box Included

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Product Description

The New Beginning Cross shows the sun rising over a tranquil landscape, reminding us of the new beginning God always grants us.  This beautiful cross graces any wall with its gentle beauty, evoking a feeling of peace and hopefulness. It features a small opening at top for mounting.

A Gift of Hope

A popular gift, the New Beginning Cross represents the rising of our sun, the Son, and reminds us of the hope and healing always available to us in Christ. It is a perfect Christian gift for all those on the journey. The New Beginning Cross also makes an ideal gift for those who need reminding that the night is always darkest before the new day and is one of our most popular sympathy and consolation gifts. Finally, it’s been a favorite gift to graduates and those celebrating a graduation or retirement.

Creation, longing for warmth, light, and life, gently turns itself towards the sun. Jesus invites us to share His life. “Come to me.” Through his warmth and light we too become our most glorious selves.

Prayer: Jesus, You came into the world to reveal the depth of God’s love for all of creation.
May we be rooted and grounded in your beautiful mystery.

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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