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Finding Hope and Meaning in Our Daily Struggles to be Human

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As long-held beliefs on love, faith, and God are challenged by the unrelenting changes of our modern world, many of us are left feeling confused and uncertain as old norms are redefined at breakneck speeds.

In Wrestling with God, Ronald Rolheiser offers a steady and reassuring voice to help us avow and understand our faith in a world where nothing seems solid or permanent. Drawing from his own life experience, as well as a storehouse of literary, psychological, and theological insights, the beloved author of Sacred Fire examines the fears and doubts that challenge us on a daily basis. Here Rolheiser lays out a path for a rich and fruitful faith in a world struggling to find faith, but perhaps more importantly, he helps us to find our own rhythm to which we can walk that path. “Real faith is not a set of answers,” he writes. “Rather, it leaves us in mystery, in longing, in desire … open to something bigger.”

Beautifully written, poetic, and filled with tangible applications,  Wrestling with God presents rousing lessons that can help us find meaning and new ways to live an authentic faith in the midst of an ever-changing world.

Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I,. is a Roman Catholic priest and an internationally renowned speaker and writer. He is a specialist in the field of spirituality and systematic theology, and his weekly column in the Catholic Herald is syndicated in more than seventy newspapers around the world.

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