Peace or Pax is found at the entrance of all Benedictine monasteries. It is the desire of all those who come to the monastery – to seek the “peace that God alone can give and that the world cannot take away.”

We try to offer a place where people can find this peace through silence, nature, open spaces and prayer.


Hospitality is a Benedictine charism which enables the community to share the monastic life with guests who come to the Abbey seeking God. It is an extension of the community’s ministry of prayer and worship which is carried out primarily in the Liturgy of the Hours, the Eucharistic Celebration and in Lectio Divina. Some sisters are also available to offer guidance to guests who may be looking for a guided retreat.

The Abbey provides accommodation for twenty to thirty guests. We have 9 hermitages (which can take two people but normally only one) and two cottages with shared facilities which can accommodate twelve people.

For more information about our Cottages please download our brochure.

NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to provide meals for our cottage guests. Therefore for any guests staying in the cottages, we will be asking you to bring your own meal. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Comments from some of our guests about their experience in our Cottages:

Enquiries and Bookings

If you are interested in making a retreat or seeking some quiet time in prayer,
you can contact us by:

+61 2 42360533


Or write to:
Cottage Bookings
Benedictine Abbey
695 Jamberoo Mountain Road
NSW 2533