The Earth is full of…

August 12, 2013 | Reflections from some of the nuns

The Farm

Hope you have had a good week. I have and so have my feathered companions.

Exciting news – the “girls” have started back on the lay. That puts eggs back on my menu! I just don’t like shop eggs. My little sister told me one day that I was an “egg snob”.  It took me by surprise but I think maybe she was right. I captured this picture today- 4 black hens all lined up in the nesting boxes.  I have about 24 old girls who will be in action over the next few months and there are 14 pullets who will start laying sometime in July.  At the moment these young ones are climbing up around the nesting boxes – very curious about the whole business.

This little part of the earth where we live is entrusted to us. Every effort we make to observe, to heal, to hold gently, is worth it for the whole of creation and worth it because of the impact it has on our very being.  Have you noticed that every morning just seems to hold incredible beauty?  It doesn’t matter to me whether it is raining, or misty, or it is fresh to the point of freezing or the wind is up or the sun is lighting up the rocks on the escarpment – I just love venturing out into the outdoors.  I guess a driving force is that my little ones depend on me for food and drink so what a gift they are for me.  Life gets too busy sometimes doesn’t it and we miss what God gave us to enjoy and delight in?




Our Benedictine Community has lived here on Jamberoo Mountain since 1988 but only this year have the Eastern Grey Kangaroos returned to the Abbey grounds.  They graze early each morning in the retreat cottage paddocks.  Such a treat for our retreat guests!  As you can see they are very plump kangaroos obviously enjoying the green pickings.  Hopefully there are some mums carrying joeys in their pouches.

The days and weeks of rain over June and early July have filled all our dams and tanks and the creeks are flowing.  In the rainforest, many seedling trees and ferns are emerging out of the damp dark soil.  Burra Creek runs through our property and in about two or three places it tumbles down as a waterfall.  One of these waterfalls runs through the bush close behind the farm. The sound of it in heavy rain fills the  air.  It is simply awesome.

The persimmons are still hanging on the tree. They are so slow to ripen and even when they do, you have to wait until they are soft and mushy before they are edible. They are way too sweet for my liking.  I grew this tree from seed about 13 years ago so this tree is a bit special.

Well that’s it for now.  Join me during this week won’t you while we take in the beauty of each morning?

God bless you and your family.

Sr Mechtild of Jamberoo Abbey

 … the goodness of the Lord.