Let everything that Loves and Breathes…

August 12, 2013 | Reflections from some of the nuns

The Farm

Well today I open the pages for you to read into what is so much part of my life here at the Abbey. I want to share with you about the life on the “Farm”.

The “Farm” small as it may be but big enough to keep my hands and heart happy and to give me a place where I feel I can do my bit to reverse the process of destruction and consumption of our most awesomely beautiful earth.

Each week I hope to allow you to see more of this life. Our life is an enclosed monastic life and so what I write to you about is all happening within our enclosure.

There is a lot to share. You will most certainly meet “my girls”, that is my feathered friends and co workers. Yes I have some boys as well. What would I do without them?

let everything

The Jamberoo Abbey property is a conservation management site and so we are committed to care for this natural heritage. Very exciting is the rain forest regeneration work begun in December. Watch out lantana and tobacco weed. I am on a mission. Wait until you see how possible it is to actually make a difference. The work of this first six months really is very encouraging with 128 new seedling trees planted in the clearing. I intend to introduce you to my helpers and share with you how we have achieved this.

Over winter I have converted the rhubarb patch and surrounds into the beginnings of what I am calling my food forest. Time will tell.

marmalade at workThe citrus trees are loaded and the marmalade production has begun.There will be photos to give you good visual sense. And so I’ll see you next week.

Enjoy these refreshingly crisp mornings and God bless.

Sr Mechtild of Jamberoo Abbey

Give praise to the Lord!