I Thank You for the Wonder…

August 12, 2013 | Reflections from some of the nuns

The Farm

Just before I walk into the Church for prayer, my eyes are attracted to this little show-off which is just outside the Church cloister window. Here it is blooming with health and colour right in the middle of winter.

Today it is freezing and the icy wind is encircling us yet this camellia continues to stand firm and show forth its beauty. I have been reflecting on this all week. It is so like the beauty and the courage of people we all know who continue to stand firm and tall, day after day, in faith and hope, in the dark, wintry moments of their lives and there they are, just blossoming. They are such an inspiration. I don’t know about you but I am really struggling to find a place in my heart to hold the anguish and pain of so many stories we are hearing about the plight of asylum seekers. I find their courage and faith, their absolute conviction of our goodness as Australians – despite our national sinfulness – so powerfully challenging. My heart continues to cry out, ‘What can I do? What can we do?’

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This week in the garden has been about housekeeping. The chickens’ residential [Farmhouse accommodation] settlement has had a major clean out and a house painting. The hens have been ushered out of the orchard as the first peach blossoms have emerged and some major pruning is in operation. Some of my hens have no liking for indoor perching. Give them a tree to perch in and no matter what the weather they are very happy, even in gale force winds. I have set up fence lines around the garden and each morning now I can set them free to explore a whole new grassed section of the yard. It is like the starting gate at a race. I am sure some of them turn around to look at me again as if to say, “are you sure this is alright?”

The ducks have been put to work in the berry pen and thus also have a new residence. The ducks tails are wagging with great excitement and anticipation for they have discovereda nesting house with new straw boxes and a mulched floor.Yes I can read the mood of my ducks and I know that there is some very serious planning happening!

All these changes give the lawn in the orchard area a rest and a chance to grow back. I hate the look of an overworked poultry yard and at the moment, the orchard has that look.


All these changes give the lawn in the orchard area a rest and a chance to grow back. I hate the look of an overworked poultry yard and at the moment, the orchard has that look.

The two boys in this photo are Emmanuel and Albertus as youngsters. Emmanuel died not so long ago – he was 11. Albie is my sweetheart. Anxiously, each day I check to see that he is keen for his hand fed dinner. Both of them have been fathers of a great nation and have brought much character and joy to the farmyard community.

While I know this is all about chickens and ducks I am very aware that our own lives have lots of similarities. Some times in our own spirits and hearts we scratch around day after day until we have totally overworked our plot and we become oblivious to the greening of God who is just that little bit away from us, ready and waiting for us to receive as gift.

There is a line from the poet, Mary Oliver which Mother Mary quoted at our community meeting yesterday which I want to share with you too. It really challenges me, challenges us, to hold in deep reverence all that we encounter.

“Walk slowly and bow often.”

Next week I will take you up into the rain forest. And so until then….

God bless you and all those you will share life with this week. And a big thank you for all the lovely and supportive comments. It is a joy for me to share with you these simple yet ‘delight-filled’ moments.

Sr Mechtild of Jamberoo Abbey

…for the wonders of all creation