Blue Sapphire Gallery at the Abbey

March 6, 2017 | Reflections from some of the nuns

The Artist And The Monk

Symbols of transition have been a focus of my art for some years now. Windows, Doors, Pathways.

Transitions can be understood in many ways: as space, ie. going from place to place, moving house, changing your job, travelling. It can also be symbolic for a shift in perception, an awakening, or shift in consciousness; for example an experience in prayer, a grief that changes your view of life, a friendship that allows you to see the world differently, an inner healing. Sometimes on your journey you may need to take a break, have a coffee, express your experience in an art form, cross a bridge, walk for a while, rest, take it in.

Now I’d like to share with you some of the next series and hope you enjoy this mini online exhibition.

Transition Series : Bicycles 2017 Postcards

An Invitation

Do send your own art postcard of a transition symbol by snail mail. If we receive enough we’ll make a selection and exhibit them in the Blue Sapphire Gallery at the Abbey. If you would like your work returned to you please include a stamped self addressed envelope.

Closing Date 30th May 2017

Send to:

Transition Symbols Painted Post Cards
Sr. Veronica osb
Benedictine Abbey
695 Jamberoo Mt.Rd.
Jamberoo 2533


Sr Veronica Chandler osb