An Invitation to Life

September 12, 2015 | Monastic Musings

Reflections from some of the nuns

Abbey Scenery

Hospitality is an invitation to life. It is warm, nourishing, kindly and friendly. The wonderful poet Hafiz speaks of this invitation.

A Divine Invitation

You have been invited to meet
The Friend

No one can resist a Divine Invitation

That narrows down all our choices
To just two:

We can come to God
Dressed for Dancing,
Be carried on a stretcher
To God’s Ward. 

It reminds me of the choices I am free to make moment by moment in my daily life. St Benedict asks that we greet Christ in the guest and in each other. Do I walk out in my daily life, dressed for dancing and open to engaging in the dance of life?  Whenever I am able to do this life is lighter and the love of God is met in self and in others. There are times when I am unable to do this, and then indeed I am carried on a stretcher to God’s Ward. The remarkable thing is that in the charism of hospitality – there is also found the hospice or hospital – where care and healing and safety can be found for healing the suffering wounds of life.  So it is not a matter one or the other but both are always present.  There is no right or wrong, but simply a great loving heart of God that invites us to come. We are welcome, just as we are and will be embraced as our needs require – one day swept up into the delightful dance and another perhaps drawn into the healing embrace of our all loving God.


Sr Magdalen Mather osb