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leia Please pray for healing of body, soul and spirit and for conversion for R, L,J,M,G,G,G,K,G and J. For my extended family and for all the young people that are so lost in the world, that they may find their path back to Jesus. Also for wisdom to find the right place for S. Thank you for your prayers. 18 January 2019  
Rob Lima Please continue to keep my intentions in prayer and elevate them to the wisdom and protection and love of the Lord. My wife Luciana Lima and her lovers; Glen Campbell and Roland Mendonça, and her friend Michele Rios and her mother Maria de Nazare continue to do Satanism against my daughters Sophie and Chloe and my son Matthew and my Person. Please have mercy on us! Our Lady, pray for us, Saint Joseph pray for us. Amen 18 January 2019  
Erin Bremford For my friend Maureen who commences 18 weeks of Cancer therapy new drug trial on Wed Jan 20th . My sincere thanks. Blessings to you all. Erin 18 January 2019  
Stephanie To the father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Jesus please help me that my friendship stay healthy as possible? Jesus please have my friends contact me in stead of me always contacting them ? Jesus please make sure that I hang out with my friends ? Jesus to help my friendship stay healthy and that I ‘am not always at the Y working out that and that I ‘am not always with my mom . Jesus I do not want my friends to lie too me . Jesus I always want my friends to tell the truth too me . Jesus I want the group txt to still go around . Jesus please reunite me with Andrew Brett Camille Delaney Ryan Lindsey Kim Tori these are my Norte Dame college friends Jesus please keep them in my life ? In Jesus name amen 17 January 2019  
Ed Happy St Antony's Day! Please pray for my 20 year-old grandson 'Robert' so that he recovers from mental illness and no longer uses drugs and alcohol. May he find some suitable accommodation and study.May my older son George recover from schizophrenia and find some work. May I celebrate 25 years of sobriety with the help of AA on the the 7th February. May M and I grow together in God's love. May my injured knee recover and may university studies go well. May T arrive home safely from Engleberg, Switzerland where he has been snowboarding. May MJ, P, H and C be blessed. May St Benedict and St Antony intercede . Many thanks, Ed 17 January 2019  
IVAN Guzman Guzman-vital Pray for the conversion of Carlos Guzman vital, Florisel Guzman Vital, Michael Goode, Jarwin Rosales, Ivan Guzmán Vital. In Jesus we pray. 16 January 2019  
Anonymous I pray for the intentions of Jason Allen Alexander regarding the clones of Holy Mother in chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. 15 January 2019  
Anonymous O Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the clones of Holy Mother who is the "woman clothed in the sun" in chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. 14 January 2019  
Xavier Pray to Jesus and mother Mary to grant me the graces that I need the most for my conversion, final perseverance and holy death. 13 January 2019  
Anonymous O Heavenly Father, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the clones of Holy Mother of God who is “woman clothed with the sun” mentioned in the Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. Amen. 13 January 2019  
mika My husband is meeting his extended family to urge them to turn to God and lead a virtuous life. They have been away from God too long and some of them are at their lives end. We ask for your prayers for my husband to be able to speak like Moses and be protected from any attempts to thwart God's plan. Thank you. Pax Christi. 13 January 2019  
Natalia Please pray for the protection of my baby. May all that is hidden come to light. And my healing begin if it is the will of God. Amen 12 January 2019  
Angela Noelle Martinez Please pray for the conversion of Daniel Ryan Mensonides to the Catholic faith, the healing of our relationship, and my heart. For him to be protected from all evil and sin, esp sin of flesh. For him to be free from his vices - alcohol and dip. For God to touch his heart and fill it with much love for me, that he finds every other woman repulsive. For God to lead him back to me, and get married, just as he promised. That we may love, forgive, and trust each other again. For me to have peace, and not worry about it. That God would remove Daniel from my heart and mind for the mean time, until he comes back to me. Conversion of his whole family, Sylvia, John, Timothy, David, Kalli, Lisa, Lacey Mensonides to the Catholic faith. And for a successful application of a US visa. Thank you! 12 January 2019  

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