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Julian Simplicio Fernandes This is for thanks giving your prayers and intercession for release of son alroyd vessel grace 1 and reaching home safe and sound after the traumas at Gibraltar South Spain. Please pray that all his dues are settled and paid in full without obstruction and gets another employment. Also pray and intercede for desperate situation daughter asmita undergoing separation trauma evicted from home e by non fearing god hubby abie of 6 years marriage being impotent, is blessed with peace harmony and protection in new accommodation, healthy meals preparation and a God fearing employed life Catholic partner with out harassment from abie and able to sell off intended jointly house land property and obtain her investment portion peaceably and abie turn in fear of God Almighty in Jesus Christ sincerely repents and is healed of impotence, pride, lying, deceiving and turning atheist. That I be delivered from my Present tenants in my goa house by name Ravi singh and his fellow mates and another one by name Manoj and wife in my Ave Maria House harassing me not paying rental last several months cheating and threatening me ---- that they pay and vacate peacefully. Present landlord of our building kharwa sikshan Samaje harassing me over repairs at tenants cost, total negligence and other issues that we all be delivered from Their blackmail, harassment extortion and evil agendas. I intending plan to develop my small plot of land (in Madgao, Goa) of my life-savings erect residential building and proposal from builder Goa Developers Allauddin brought in by acquaintance Tony Fernandes. That plans to erect the building with two free accommodations proposed to me i.e. for daughter and son and payments to be made by the builder goes fairly sincerely honestly without cheating by him, partners, agents and govt. officials, expecting high gratification sincerity and honestly and all obstructions cleared. That entire document process goes smoothly without any obstructions and original Power of Attorney of daughter returned safely and with equal share to daughter and uncooperative son alroyd and Moslem wife and with out threat s or harassment or obstacles and peacefully. That all legal documents like Succession Deed, plot 41 Goa builder Allaudin, with Collector, are cleared processed and I given genuine originals of succession deed, etc. including agreement documents commitments in exchange for 2 accommodation s and rightfil payments made to me without delay or cheating. In Jesus name i pray. 20 August 2019  
Magda I pray for a successful laparoscopic surgery- dermoid ovarian cyst removal, speedy recovery and protection and healing from all cancer for Magdalena. I pray for healing from stage 4 cancer for Roman. I pray for healing from stomach problems/ possible cancer for Andrzej. I pray for healing from low white blood country for Janina. I pray for healing from disk problems and back growths for Piotr. I pray for healing and salvation for me and my entire family tree and all family pets. I pray for a Godly husband for Magdalena. I pray for permanent employment for Magdalena. I pray for the healing, protection and deliverance from all curses, bondages, hexes to be lifted from me, my entire family tree and all family pets and cast into the fires of Hell. I pray for the healing, protection and deliverance from all evil, violent/violence, demonic, dangerous, abusive, controlling, abusive, terrorists, rapists, murderers, sexually disturbed/addicted/distorted, mentally disturbed/addicted/distorted, thieves/con-artists, narcissists/psycopaths/manipulators/mastor-manipulators, the cunning, the bad and evil people/ways of this world, the gossipers, the addicts, the gossipers, the evil-eye, the lazy, the cursed, the non-Christians, the atheists, the envious, the fake, the jealous- people, forces and objects of this world. Protect me, my entire family tree and all family pets from such things. I pray for the protection, wisdom and guidance/deliverance through God's Archangels and Guardian angels to protect and deliver and heal me, my entire family tree and all family pets from a sudden unexpected death, from a premature death, from a tragic death, from a family tragedy, from tragic/bad accidents, from chronic health conditions and complications, from terminal health conditions and complications, from famine/war/poverty/drought/fire/floods, from all natural disasters, from all distorted patterns of behavior and thinking, from the bad and evil ways and people of this world. May God send the Archangels and Guardian angels to protect, deliver and heal us through their Angelic wings- so we may always do the will of Jesus Christ in our lives and in the lives we touch. I pray for the salvation of souls- may all die in Christ's friendship. I pray for this broken and sinful world. I pray for the forgotten, the mistreated, the misunderstood, the misguided, the sick, the lonely, the slaves, the poor, the weak, the broken-hearted, the starving, those struggling with addictions- gambling/finances, sex/curses of the flesh, alcoholics/drug abusers, those struggling with eating disorders, those struggling with financial burdens and or debt, the unemployed, those under bondage/curses/afflicted, the marginalized, those suffering any physical/emotional/spiritual pain, victims of sex/violent/war crimes and trafficking/prostitution, the guilty/the innocent souls of this world. I pray for all Christians and Christian Churches- Catholics, the Orthodox, Anglicans/Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists/Presbyterians, United Church of Canada,Church of Nazarene, Adventists, Baptists, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Non-denominational Christian Churches and all other denominations across this world. May Christians and Christian Churches rid themselves of legalism/bondage/masonistic practices, put their relationship with Jesus Christ above man-made theology/dogmas/ways of this world, may victims of Church abuse be heard and Churches take responsibility for their poor choices/decisions in failing to protect the most vulnerable. May NO physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, mental abuse of any shape or form take place in any Christian Church/Organization across this world. May the Words of Jesus in the New Testament triumph over all the other words in the Bible, Church traditions, laws as all Christian Churches work hard with deep understanding and mutual respect to strive for Christian Unity/Peace/Mutual understanding and respect of denominational differences across this broken world. I pray for all your prayer requests. 17 August 2019  
Bridget I am asking for prayers. I have to travel to Bangkok Thailand for work. Please pray that I have a safe and fun trip. Pray that we have a smooth flight, no turbulence and that I can get upgraded for free since it is such a long flight. My co-worker that I am going with was already upgraded. Please also pray that the weather is beautiful while we are there. No monsoons or typhoons please. Pray that I do not have any IBS attacks while there that I remain healthy the whole time. We depart for Thailand on Sunday August 18th & 19th, it takes 2 days to fly there. We return August 27th. And pray that I do not get any mosquito bites. 14 August 2019  
Dorothy Swedkowski Please pray my son David can accept the breakup with his girlfriend and Alex will stay firm that she doesn't want to continue the relationship and remain a couple. Please pray David will not encourage this relationship. Please pray Alex can find God and make better life choices Thank you! 13 August 2019  
R Dear Sisters Please pray for my kids, especially 3 week old baby who is not well. Please pray for peace and calmness and love for mine and all families. God bless you always Sisters and thank you always so very much for your prayers. 12 August 2019  
David Please pray for me to be remove and free from any CURSES and BAD LUCK in my daily life. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen 10 August 2019  
Louise Bernard please pray for my son that he returns to me safely for xmas 10 August 2019  
Natalie Please pray for my 3 month old Grandaughter and my 2 year old Grandson both sick in hospital and having trouble breathing. Amen 9 August 2019  
Rob Please continue to keep my intentions in prayer and elevate them to the wisdom, protection, intercession and love of God in the lifes of my dear Emily Parks, and Father Richard. I ask according to the will of God and the gracious piety of the Lord, Our Lady pray for us, Saint Joseph pray for us, Amen. 8 August 2019  
alexandra Please pray for me to be found not guilty at the trial,the last term is on 18 september 8 August 2019  
fabrice kelem i have 2 majors problems in my life, marriage and money/job i want to marry a girl (her name: Assia Sidibe birthdate:19 may) but people make all to avoid my marriage... i lose my job because of the girl, i have a lot of money problem, many people here use a lot of divination, this is the source of the jealousy.... so i want a prayer for 3 things: 1- to get my expatriate contract with the company iamgold with a higher salary 2- to get married with the girl Assia Sidibe for long time; fidelity; and happiest family 3- to get money in a long an happiest life. this is my problem... 8 August 2019  
Wendy Dear Lord my friend Julie is having some medical issues. Please watch over her and her beautiful family through this difficult time. 7 August 2019  
Mina Athanasius I am a Christian guy and law student. I need a prayer to secure an articling position at any law firm or a suitable position in the government. I have been studying hard and currently doing a job that is not related to the legal field, which is making me feel down. I also need a prayer to pass an important exam later this month. 6 August 2019  
Helene Mackey please pray for my daughter, Lurline. She has schizophrenia and is going through a really bad time Thank you 6 August 2019  
Diane Hello, I work at a college library. I love helping the patrons who are struggling with not only school but with hunger, depression, etc. Please pray that our Computer Assistant stops hurting us, that no one believes his lies, and does his job; he usually have sick and injured coworkers pick up the slack while he's harassing people. Please pray he can get a job where he can't take advantage of others and that his heart changes. I'm so scared of him. Thank you for your time. 5 August 2019  
Alfred Brown Bruce Anthony Berry and Danny Ray Whitten both died from drugs. Please pray for God's mercy and forgiveness for them.Please pray for eternal rest for their soul. May they know peace with Christ Jesus. 5 August 2019  

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