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Kerry Bailey Dear Lord, We ask that you hold George in the palm of your hand. We pray that through the gentle ministering of his doctors you bring him good health. We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen. 17 April 2019  
Rob Please pray that the Holy Spirit may defend and protect with the holy guardian angels and with the protection of the blood of Jesus, Michele Rios and Fatima Rodrigues and Roland Mendonca. So may the will of the Lord be done in his perfect time and in a safe place. In the name of Jesus. Our Lady pray for us, Saint Joseph pray for us,amen 16 April 2019  
Alicia Please pray for a time of refreshing with my husband and our children to draw closer to GOD. 12 April 2019  
A Man Please pray for me. I fear hell and I long for Heaven. Please pray for God's mercy and forgiveness for me. I need to be forgiven and cleansed from my sin. I suffer from the sin of homosexuality. I want to be free from this. I want to know the freedom that comes from Christ Jesus. Please God heal me in spirit, soul, and body!!! Please pray that the Precious Blood of Jesus will cleans me from within!!! I am a man. 9 April 2019  
katarzyna Thank you for finding my soulmate. Give me and Matthaus real eternal love, help us be a good couple. Protect us from the evil and bad friendships. Help us get engaged. Heal Dorota from cancer 8 April 2019  
Rob For the release and healing of the souls of Fatima Rodrigues and Michele Rios, amen 8 April 2019  
Karen Cross left breast to be removed on the 11/4/ Cairns Base Hsp. 7 April 2019  
R God bless you sisters. Knowing you are praying throughout the day for us all gives me great comfort. Please pray for me - weekends are bad and tough.wifh your prayers and God’s help, please may I get through it. 5 April 2019  
Les & Marg Savage Dear Sisters, Earlier in the year we asked you to pray for our son, Brad, 52 for his back condition. He will be having major lower spinal surgery on 7th May and we ask your continued prayer for a successful operation and recovery. God bless you & thank you.Les & Marg. Brisbane. 5 April 2019  
Bernie & Linda Brisbane Please pray for our dear friend in Ireland, Sean Garvey, after his recent Surgery. May our good God bring him to good health. May God's Will be done. Amen 1 April 2019  
Leia Duer I ask for your continuous prayers for all of us, for spiritual protection from the enemy. He is trying to destroy 2 families, please pray for protection and healing, and for God's Shield to be all around us during this difficult time, and for His Wisdom to know His Will in all what we have to face, for our conversion as well, I ask for special healing of Jane who is so sick from the enemy's attacks. Thank you very much for your prayers! 1 April 2019  
Deborah Lord, guide, protect and strengthen Mireille. May she be blessed with your Light always. 30 March 2019  
Deborah Dear Lord, protect my family and friends. May we all be blessed with good health, love, peace and harmony. 30 March 2019  
Noel Please pray for our community: the Companions of the Redeemer (COR), our members, partners, associates and their loved ones. For God's protection,provision and guidance; for God's favour and grace over our ministries; for our special intentions. Thanks 29 March 2019  
Alicia please pray for me after having major surgery a hysterectomy I havn't recovered back to strength and we have five little ones please pray for peace and strength to be able care for our children. thankyou for your prayers. 26 March 2019  
Rob Please pray with me! May there be grace, peace and strength. May God's Holy Spirit surround my daughters Sophie & Chloe and my son Matthew. May the Lord give to the holy angels the power to protection over all. In the name of Jesus, Our Lady pray for us, Saint Joseph pray for us, amen. 22 March 2019  

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