Wintering Bees

July 2, 2016 | What's The Buzz?

You might think that the bees are sleeping through winter. Well, I think not!

The hives at the Abbey managed to weather the harsh beating winds and rain that assailed the east coast recently. The bees all huddled together inside the hive and shivered to keep the temperature up. So I would imagine in wild weather a lot of energy is needed, which means eating honey to keep your strength up.

Bees Sleeping

One hive here was started late in the summer so it hasn't had time to build up enough stores to get them through winter. We have decided to help a little here. We have created a chamber in the hive where we can open some of the top bars without disturbing the bees in the hive and place extra food for them to access. It's working; the bees come in and feed and return home to their kin. It's a five star restaurant for them, and very welcome to a hungry little bee. They are foraging as well, when the weather permits. So we might just make it through together.

Bees Drinking

I think I'm starting to sound like a farmer, always tuned in to the weather and how that might affect our bees. They actually know better than I when it comes to the weather. They always know when it's going to rain. They have all the info built into their DNA and they do a brilliant job of living together as bees connected to a sustainable environment. It's pleasing to know that everything is connected. Perhaps we could all sit down and talk about how to keep it; perhaps plant more trees and shrubs high in pollen and nectar ie. leatherwood, banksia etc.

Bees In Rain

We have more news!!!

The woodies from The Men's Shed are very kindly crafting hives for us. They are so beautiful I'd like to keep them inside as furniture. But no, they will be out doors in the paddocks when they are finished. Our rainforest is proving to be an abundant food source, even now.

I can't wait for the additional hives.

This spring will be a home coming for many a wandering bee thanks to the generosity of our locals.

Bees Excited

Here's a look see in the Shed.
(I bet Mechtild would love to get to work in this shed…)

Take care now and blessed be the Bees


Men Shed Woodies