Sr Clare’s Silver Jubilee

February 23, 2016 | Current News

Sr Clare Gamble

On Monday, 8th February, we joined with Sr Clare Gamble to celebrate of the 25th anniversary of her Solemn Profession. The date of her profession was actually the 10th February (Feast of St Scholastica), however as Ash Wednesday fell on this date this year, we moved the feastday to the 8th.

The celebration began with the beautiful liturgy for Vigils then continued with Lauds and the Eucharist. By an extraordinary coincidence, a married couple from Albion Park Parish had asked Fr Paul if they could renew their marriage vows during the Eucharist on this day, so we had a double renewal of vows, firstly the marriage vows of this couple and then the religious vows of our Sr Clare. It was a very strong and visible sign for us all of the beautiful complementarity of the different forms of vows within the Church.

Silver Jubilee Mass
Sr Clare's Silver Jubilee Mass

Silver Jubilee Mass
Sr Clare's Silver Jubilee Mass

Sr Clare Gamble  Sr Clare Gamble
Sr Clare receiving the communion

The cake

After the Eucharist we all went to the guestry for a most joyful morning tea and the cutting of the jubilee cake, stunningly decorated with a theme close to Clare’s heart – musical notes!

Clare entered the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in 1947, transferring to our community in 1986 and making her Solemn Profession here at the Abbey on 10th February 1991. Clare has a beautiful singing voice and her love of music drew her to the Benedictine way of life where she could sing the praises of God seven times a day. She has shared this gift of music and song with the community as one of our chantresses in the choir over many years. She has always brought a great deal of dedication, faithfulness and prayer to this ministry and we are very grateful for the example she sets for us in our choir.

Our reverence for, and gratitude to Clare comes from a deep awareness of her giveness and faithfulness to prayer, as well as her service to us through her work – no matter what work she is appointed to, she performs it joyfully and with extraordinary care.

Our celebration of the day concluded with a special supper in the community room followed by a beautiful Richard Attenborough DVD.

We give thanks to God for the joy of this day and for the gift of Sr Clare to our community.

Sr Clare with her sister
Sr Clare's with her sister, Annette

Sr Clare with her niece
Sr Clare with her niece, Clare