Launch of Our New Website

April 29, 2015 | Current News

Our very latest news, of course, is the launch of our new website! This has been the product of a number of years of planning and preparation and we are delighted that it is finally here, “live” and well! We hope you like the look of it and enjoy exploring the various pages over the coming days and weeks.

TEAM-1We have been working with Fraynework Multimedia in Melbourne on this production and are thrilled with both the look and the feel of what they have created for us. Special thanks to the COO, Deb Carter, our main Designer, Brock McConnell, Developer, Andrew McDougal and Creative Director, Erin Newman and all the team who have spent many hours working on our site…not to mention their enduring patience with us! We highly recommend their vision, professionalism and work.

We still have a way to go before the site is complete but we have ironed out the minor problems we had during launch week and hope that you will now find everything opening as it should as you navigate the space. The Online Shop is the one thing we have yet to tackle head on. As you can imagine this involves many hours of work so that task is next on our agenda. In the meantime, the same information which was available on our old site has been transferred over in the Candles, Cards and Certificates pages so information, photographs, and basic ordering details are all there. We will let you know when the Online Shop is up and running.

Until then, please explore our new site and enjoy the magnificent photos showcasing our monastic life and the beautiful environment  we are blessed to share on “God’s Holy Mountain” in Jamberoo!

Andrew McDougal – Developer, Deb Carter – Chief Operations Officer, Brock McConnell – Designer, Erin Newman – Creative Director