Paschal 2021 Candles


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The Universal Christ

During these dark days of the Universal COVID-19 crisis
we have been inspired by the Coptic Icons of
“The Harrowing of Hell” Holy Saturday
and the Apostles Creed,
“He was crucified, died and was buried:
He descended into Hell.
The third day he arose again from the dead…”

Jesus, the Christ rises from the Earth,
the Sun for his Nimbus Halo,
Redeemer of the whole Universe.
In the band, Jesus, the Christ leans into Hell
pulling to himself a man and a woman
symbolising all those waiting there..


Candle available in White or Ivory this year

After the bushfires of 2019-2020, many beehives and colonies were destroyed. Beewax is thus scarce and costly.

This year we can only offer ivory and white paschal candles. Altar candles will only be available in white.

Order Paschal Candle

This year ordering the Paschal candle is done through our online shop.

Due to the size and weight of the Paschal candle, we will ask you to “Request a shipping quote” when you order Paschal candles. Click here to read what this means.

Altar Candles 2021

We also have Altar Candle with Paschal 2021 theme. The altar candle is sold as a single candle and comes in white with sizes in 9 x 3″ or 6 x 3″.


These beautiful hand-carved candles are also available to celebrate Easter. They are available in Red/Gold (shown below) or in single colour of red or purple or green.

A. Alpha Omega
9×3″ / 12×3″ / 6×3″
B. Cross
9×3″ / 12×3″ / 6×3″
C. Celtic Cross
12×3″ / 18×3″ / 9×3″
D. Resurrection
12×3″ / 18×3″