Melting Moments


21 February 2017


He was six years old and deadly serious as he approached me in the classroom where I taught grade one. Lifting up his hands as he clutched whatever it was he was holding ...

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6 December 2016

The Magnificent Seven

No, they did not appear as heroes galloping into town on their horses in all their macho magnificence! Rather, they seemed to just suddenly be there... seven, silent ethereal figures emerging from the fog that wrapped us round ...

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5 November 2016

The Wings of The Dawn

If I take the wings of the dawn and dwell at the sea's furthest end, even there your hand would lead me your right hand would hold me fast. - Psalm 138

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15 October 2016

Who Touched Me?

Have you ever heard Jesus say these words and trembled, knowing it was you who touched him? Have you ever tentatively reached out to Him with ...

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13 August 2016

Stranger On The Shore

When I was in my 20's I dreamed of seeing the world. Perhaps you did too. When, having saved my fare, I was finally able to realise that dream I booked a passage on "The Australis", ...

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2 July 2016

Nature's Cross

The unsurpassed beauty of the Cross has been nudging its way into my consciousness lately... not from within, but from without. I will never understand the depth of its wisdom or ...

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28 May 2016


Utter stillness marked the hour. I sat watching, waiting and praying, totally at peace.

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26 March 2016


I have listened to the Gospel on a Palm Sunday all my life, and did so of course on this most recent Palm Sunday. To be quite truthful I was spellbound! My eyes actually filled with tears at one point...

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5 March 2016

Quiet Vulnerability

I think the moment of our awareness of vulnerability, be it or own or someone else's, is initially a quiet moment. It is similar to the moment before dawn, that moment when everything in all of nature is perfectly still, waiting... quietly waiting.

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6 February 2016


Kierkegaard, in later adulthood, set out to be deliberately provocative. He was remarkably successful! Reflecting on this as I gazed out my cell window, my attention was caught by two wild ducks...

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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