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Diana Grace Moncada Westbrook My heart is still broken because my daughter Alleen Princess Dianne Moncada go away she fall in love with the guy named John Reinier V Barnuevo that I really don't like because I knew he doesn't love my daughter he just abused because he knew that my daughter is came from being broken hearted. Please help me to pray to holy spirit to enlightened the mind of my daughter and come back to his mother. I'm the Mom and I love her very much? please help me too for my heart is aching. I Honestly can't sleep almost 2-3weeks now, I need my DAUGHTER to come back to me with full of love to me in her heart, please badly need your help. Thank you so so much?? 22 April 2018
Diana Grace Moncada Westbrook Good Day, "Praise be Jesus and Mary" Please help me to pray for my sister Sahlee Moncada Minami have a Uterine Fibroids MYOMA and her husband Hediyuki Minami have a Highblood pressure. This couple help almost the whole family in the Philippines to make them eat and live everyday.They even helped our mom who is fighting diabetes kidney failure for 6years. I'm so pity on them because they owed from the one bank in Japan to help our mom before and untill now still paying for the remaining credit. Please they deserve Prayers and help they all have a good heart and I want them to lived many years. Please help me to pray also Cesar Rosalia Laput. He has a STAGE 3 RECTAL CANCER and recurrent LUNG CANCER that is spreading we are now going to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes to ask help for his AVASTIN for we cannot afford to buy it we need it as soon as possible. Please HELP US TO PRAY for the fast processed and the fast recovery of this 3 very good person. Thank you so much and G 22 April 2018
Philip Please pray to help me with my marriage. My wife left 6 months ago and she is blocking all communication with her. And my family business is going through a lot of financial turmoil. It’s affecting my home too. I ask to cancel any evil affecting me or my family now and forever. I ask God through Jesus Christ to help me and my family with grace and blessings. Amen! Thank you! Philip 22 April 2018
Jonathan Carr Healing of my hesrt 22 April 2018
Benjamin Dimowo I ask, seek and knock on God's throne of divine mercy, grace and favour for the following intentions: Deliverance and protection from all evil most especially household wickedness, witchcraft and demonism. The reign of the Holy Spirit in my life and all that pertains to me. The will of God and only His will be done in my life and all that concerns me. World peace. To better know, love and serve God in this world and be happy with Him forever in Heaven. 22 April 2018
Losang Dear sirs I request mass and prayers request so I am free from my family intentions, Zopa, Namdrol, Kal, Jao, Khen and Sherab and some other people I really dont know, but I know this woman travels and recruits people all around so i marry her. she pays and asks for black magic, as well as her father. may they be a way from me. Her name is Sharmila and she lives in heutada, nepal. Please pray so this woman find some one her age. Please be all cut and repaired all the work of black magic she asked in India to force me a union. I feel abused by this people and their plans and games. Some one put medicine on my food and beverages and i feel dizzy and and unable to make my own decisions. I wish this can be all repaired. I feel abused. I also request prayers as I am trying to talk to my superior and I am not having access. My live is in danger now. 22 April 2018
Dany Boisvert Please pray for Dany & Gina Boisvert. Pray that God may Bless and protect us, our home and family. Thank you. 21 April 2018
Jenny I pray for the difficult situation that we are in. I ask for the Lord’s help and mercy in resolving this issue. I give thanks for the many graces and blessings in my life and trust it all to God. Amen 20 April 2018
nn j Please intervene god please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for us, i feel so traumatized, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can't touch his heart, only God can change people's hearts. 19 April 2018
peachy ann reyes May me Peachy Ann Reyes and Constantin Mihail Tabla get married in St. Augustin Church Soon and that our priest would be Father Jean Joseph Brice. 19 April 2018
Micha Please, GOD: How can I earn money in the best way YOU wish? Please connect me with the right persons. Thank YOU! 18 April 2018
Wilmah Dear sisters, We are in financial stress and need your prayers. My husband is partially disabled and cannot work more than he already does. We are now in dire need since we cannot meet our debts.We are not asking for wealth or prosperity but for help. GB 16 April 2018
Cassandra Russell My mother, Janet, is having surgery to amputate her leg. My prayer is for quick healing and emotional strength for her and her family. 14 April 2018
Bernadette Sisters, my friend Lyn came through her first session of chemotherapy today very well. Thanks be to GOD. Thank you Sisters for your prayers. I told Lyn to keep saying what Sister Hilda said "Be still & know that I AM GOD. 13 April 2018
Tanya Also Lord please help my blood disease and my mums mental illness.That would be awesome. Thank you Jesus and Father and Holy Spirit and Sisters. Amen. 12 April 2018
Tanya Dear Lord,I come to you again as poor fallen hopeless wretch but als am daughter of yours and I ask for a husband again of your choosing and if not,then something else to heart and body are longing to love a man and I don’t want burn with passion 12 April 2018
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