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Pause here in prayer and reflection and light a candle for your own needs and the needs of our world.

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Genny Duer Thank you for your continued prayers. Please pray for the healing of mind, body, soul, and spirit of Garrett, Garrison, Katie, Gage, Jane, Alli, Roland, Jan, Mary, Genny, Sebastian, Marina, George, Makayla and her dad. Also, please pray for Garrett, Katie 19 September 2017
Phil Chavez Please Pray...I'm 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name 18 September 2017
Tanya Parsons This is last time for prayer from you am desperate full of shame lonely poor with terminal illness nothing makes sense and cant find my Lord am disgusting disgrace and hard to want live need a miracle or breakthrough lost man i loved hate me help Lord tax 16 September 2017
Blanquita Please help me in praying that all my debts will be paid already including all my mortgages in the bank and my land be sold with a higher profit this month as I am sick. Please my brothers and sisters in Christ I am begging all of you to pray for me. Blessings and love, Blanquita 15 September 2017 Dear beloved, I am Seeking prayer for healing, wisdom, desernment, clarity of mind,guidance, peace of mind and spirit, peace at home and at work, May the good Lord bless me with all gifts nesesary to be successful at work and at home. May Our Loving Father bless guide and protect us all. Amen. 14 September 2017
Izabela Rudol Please pray for Mrs Maroney who has lost her faith and is termanlly ill and dying. Please pray for her son who is a lecturer in theology and ACU and is really struggling with all this. That my friend ship may bless him and his family. Thank you 14 September 2017
KIERA Dear Nuns, Please pray for my daughter Caitlin and her husband David.My daughter has fertility problems and they have not been able to have a baby.It is heartbreaking to watch them suffer.They would make loving and devoted parents. Thankyou 13 September 2017
Genny Thank you for your prayers. For Garrison's surgery to go as planned. For Jim to send money, like he agreed to and for him to let Jesus work through him to further his kingdom. For Genny to not let the devil influence her and blind her to her missions. 13 September 2017
Regina Thank you very much for your continued prayers. For the miraculous healing of Jane, that she be healed of mind, body, soul, and spirit. For everyone in her midst, past, present and future. For Garrison's surgery to go as planned, and for him to find a job 12 September 2017
Alicia Please pray for my marriage its struggling and for peace and love in our home . 11 September 2017
Ang Peace and happiness in my life. 10 September 2017
clare Please pray for Chris and Elizabeth, who just had their first baby, but Chris needs a job asap. Pray for them to get along, and for Chris to persevere in looking for a job and for Chris to be careful with his words and freed from depression. He says ext 10 September 2017
LIZZIE MOORE I pray that through His advocacy, Tahnee Cumming of White Hills Bendigo, shall be found to be compatible with the new experimental drug being offered by the Olivia Newton-John cancer centre, Melbourne, Australia. 09 September 2017
ann Please pray for me i have to renew my passport pray i would get through smoothly without any problems. 09 September 2017
Regina Prayers for the healing of mind body soul and spirit of Garrett, Katie, Gage, Garrison, Alli, Roland, Jan, Mary, Regina, Sebastian, Jane, Marina, George, Jim, Makayla, and everyone connected directly and indirectly. For Regina to increase her love and rel 09 September 2017
Tim Please pray for Tim who has an anxiety disorder. Thank you. 07 September 2017
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