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bruce I kindly ask for your continuing prayer for guidance in my relationship with my ex-girlfriend Sarah, specifically, for reconciliation if possible and a new life together. I love her dearly and thought that our meeting was providential. I ask for prayer that God would soften her heart and towards me and begin to work in her life. 24 June 2018
Natalie S. Thank you for your prayers so far. Please pray for my Mom, Sylvia. They cannot figure out for sure what is wrong. Please pray that they find out right away and that it is curable and heal her quickly. Please pray for no heart failure, emphysema, COPD, kidney disease/problems or any other health conditions or issues in her body and for excellent test results proving total healing. Please pray for a long, healthy and happy life for my Mom, Sylvia. Please pray for her complete and total healing. Thank you and God bless. 22 June 2018
Lilia Prayer that my mother may see her mother after 25 years. She needs to reunite with her since they been separated due to country barriers. Also for both parents to become US citizens and healing in their marriage. And for my brother to return to church. 21 June 2018
Claire Quintos Please pray that the biopsy of my cysts sample would turn out to be benign and not malignant; the partial result is I am at borderline. I fervently pray to God to spare me from being afflicted with cancer. May God hear my prayer and grant me complete healing and fast recovery from the surgical operation I have very recently for the removal of my ovarian cyst and that I may be able to come home to my family safe and sound and free of illness and be healthy again at the soonest possible time. I am Claire, 39 years old from Philippines. I ask these in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior through the intercession of the Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints in heaven. Amen. 20 June 2018
Roberta I ask you to pray for Emanuel, for his conversion and spiritual healing. Thanks. 19 June 2018
ellie please God i am tired of being without job. i dislike everything going upside down for my family esp me. please i pray for guidance why havent i received it. don't you love me? please it is like deja-vu life for me as it was for women in my family. 19 June 2018
Losang Dear sirs I request mass and prayers request so I am free from a fake convenience marriage arranged against my will to serve other people intentions namely to cover a roberry done by my cousin Karma. May this girl find some one her age, and every one, including her, her father and their friends, who did black magic for the past 4 years or more, be a way from me, and all this be overcome and annulled. Her name is Sharmila and she lives now in Japan. Please be all cut and repaired. May I be free from this scheme involving my live. The situation will turn in a accusation on me about money loss and misappropriation of money in my own institution. I was working, he was managing the place, and now I have this problem to solve. Please pray so I have support and divine justice be made. Besides my cousin Zopa, Namdrol, Manuela, Kal, Jao, Khen and Sherab were also involved iin this problems supporting this situation. I request the truth comes on top, all be discovered and may I solve all thi 19 June 2018
Stodiya Joseph Prayer request:-I'm Stodiya Joseph from Kuwait. I request your valuable prayer to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. I had two pregnancy losses last year,first baby I lost at 6 weeks due to lack of growth and heartbeat.Second baby I lost because of cervical insufficiency happened during six months.Now we are praying for another baby.So,kindly pray for me. 18 June 2018
E Blood of Jesus help us. In Jesus name, cover Dad. Help him to be well. NO pneumonia. Sickness to be healed. Please help God. 18 June 2018
E Blood of Jesus help us. In Jesus name, cover Dad. Help him to be well. NO pneumonia. Sickness to be healed. Please help God. 18 June 2018
Mufide Mary For Jesus sake please pray for Me Mufide Mary R and all my dear ones both living and deceaseds and for all those I ought to pray for for God's Will and for healing and salvation of my brother Faruk and my Father Mehmet and all my brothers and sister and for the soul of my mother Nedime R and all her dear ones both living and deceaseds. God Bless you. Mufide Mary R. 17 June 2018
Lisa Please pray for my marriage to an understanding partner. Our family property to get which our relatives are not giving. My work to be perfect and without errors. My boss and colleagues to respect me. My harassment at work to be stopped. My career to grow. My parents health and sister's life to be good. My health to be good. To make me strong and confident and remove all my fears. At my home and work all problem to go. Make us a happy home. Really praying for a miracle. Please accept my prayer. Please pray for my carrear to grow to a higher place. My travelling to be easy and trains to be on time. My problems at home to go. My colleagues and friends who demoralize me make me strong at that time. You take charge of the whole situation in life. 16 June 2018
Dominic & Melanie Cocksedge Thank you and praise you Lord for your mercies! we beg you for the grace of healing & deliverance & health of mind soul & body. We pray for inner conversion of heart/mind and the graces necessary to keep it! Please deliver us from all evil In Jesus nam 15 June 2018
E Pray that Dad is safe and well. NO aspiration, pneumonia. Coughing is good. Pray he eats, sleeps, voids, drinks well. Pray for the nurses, aides, therapist, doctor caring for him. Pray for Katie, pray her poison ivy has healed. Pray Dad's bedsore and leg sore heal quickly and well. Pray the blood of Jesus covers him and me. Pray for chronic pain and health for me heals, and find shoes and clothing that fit right, not allergic to. Help God. 15 June 2018
Maria Llave Please pray I Maria Llave be cancer-free of everything forever,that I be gallbladder disease&cancer-free,diabetes-free,hemmorhoids-free,high blood pressure-free,all heart disease-free of everything, allbodyfatsfree,allbodyinflammationfree,reflux disease-f 14 June 2018
Mathew Sullivan For the conversion of Mark: a homeless alcoholic and fallen Catholic. Please also pray for for Julie and her patients and for Mathew. 13 June 2018
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