Horarium (Time of Prayer)

You are welcome to join our Benedictine Abbey Community at the following times and to pray privately in the Abbey Church at any times between Vigils and Compline.

Time Liturgy
5 am Vigils - (6 am on Mondays)
7.30am Lauds
9 am Eucharist - (9.30 am on Thursdays)
1.00pm Middle Hour
5.00pm Vespers
7 pm Compline*


* Compline Compline is private to the community during the week but guests are welcome to join us on the weekends.
Thursday Thursday is the community’s day of rest. The only Liturgies held in the Abbey Church are Lauds/Communion at 9.30 am and Vespers at 5pm. The Church remains open throughout the day.
Desert Day On the first Sunday of every month Middle Hour is not prayed in the Church. The Church remains open throughout the day.

Sometimes we need to change these times. It is wise to phone us on 02 42360628 to check.

Timetable for Christmas and New Year (2017/2018)

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Jamberoo Abbey

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