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Wisdom from the Abbey

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2015 Paschal Candle

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and incline the ear of your heart.
From the Prologue to the Rule of St Benedict

“Listen” is the first word of the Rule of St Benedict.  It is an invitation to seek God by fine tuning our minds, our hearts, our senses;  to be aware of God’s presence in every moment and every situation.

We are a Benedictine monastic community supporting one another in living the Gospel according to the spirit of St Benedict. We seek God by listening to the Word of God as it is spoken to us through the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina (prayer with the Sacred Scriptures) and through our love for one another. The atmosphere most conducive to this listening includes a prayerful and gentle silence and some solitude.

Our life of service to the Church and to our society is expressed through our prayer, our work and in the hospitality we offer in our Retreat Cottages.

We hope that you will be touched by God as you browse through our website.